My Favourite £13 Dress

That moment you see a dress you love but you love something else even more… the price tag!

Because we love a bargain

I’ll just get straight in there and admit that this wonderful dress was just £13. I’ll also admit that when I saw it hanging in Primark the heavens shone, birds sang and… I abruptly got barged into by many teenagers searching for their trendy Ibiza sliders, but isn’t that what shopping in Primark is all about?! Balance.

I would say one of my all time favourite brands is Free People. Infact, if I had endless amounts of money I would absolutely love to deck my entire wardrobe out in FP attire. It’s bohemian, romantic and floaty – basically right up my street. However, it can be a little above my price range. Whilst I do occasionally buy a little summit summit, it’s mostly a treat to myself and definitely doesn’t happen very often. So, where is she going with this? I hear you yell. WELL, this dress for me screamed “FREE PEOPLE INSPIRED” and for just £13, I’ll take all the inspiration pieces I can get! So much so, I brought three different styles, which you can see more of in my haul video below!

Unfortunately I can’t link to Primark because sadly they don’t stock these little babies online. However, don’t worry, instead I have trawled the internet to find you some other boho inspired pieces, just incase you can’t control yourself/make it to a Primark in time. You can thank me later, from your floaty bell sleeves dress whilst you dance in the fields of gold…

Oh and these sunglasses? My new higher-end favourite, because hey balance. They are the Prada 16RS Sunglasses and I fell in love with them on my birthday.

The best Primark haul, EVER!


I love that dress! It’s so cute and the price is just awesome. I’m so in love with bohemian looks too. I just came across your blog and I’m already in love, your outfits and pictures are amazing. :-*

Xo, Sara

OMG that dress is so chic! I can’t believe it’s so affordable!

Nothing wrong with an affordable piece. Nothing wrong at all! The vibes of this dress with the tone of the photos makes me feel a burst of excitement all over again…(after spending the bulk of the day longing for fall). Absolutely love your hairstyle, too! It’s the type of style I try to pull together—and always botch. Teach us your ways!!

xoxo – Kelly

LOVE this dress Laura and can’t believe it’s from Primark – I’m going to have to go in there soon and see if I can get myself a bargain boho dress! Those sandals are perfect too xxx

Sophie | Sophar So Good