Worth The Tassel?

I did it. I brought myself a pair of tassel earrings and I’ve honestly never looked back…

Invest in the Pat Butchers

If you’re British and you spent your childhood watching Eastenders, you’ll know what I mean by Pat Butcher. But, if not.. read this for some background information. All in all, the lady loved her earrings and the bigger, the better. I feel that this is why I felt slightly troubled by entering the statement earring trend myself and it took me a while to invest. If only I could count the amount of times I placed the H&M tassel earrings back on the shelf, telling myself this trend would pass and it wasn’t for me. Now, here I am writing a post on why you guys NEED to buy some statement earrings. Oh, funny ol’ thing is life.

Now, I’m not forcing you to buy a pair but, YOU NEED TO BUY A PAIR. This is the easiest way to “jazz up” a simple outfit, plus they look cool paired with a topknot – yay more greasy hair days. I recently popped on a black dress, black shoes and a black bag… man I even had black eyeshadow and glasses on. Now, it’s Summer and even though I do love myself some monochrome, I did feel like the Summer scrooge and needed to inject some colour Low and behold, my bright pink tassel earrings called my name and by magic they completed my outfit. No more Summer Scrooge for Laura.

The earrings I’m wearing here are from H&M, currently only £2 in the sale too! Sadly I couldn’t find them to link to online but have a look in your local store as mine had loads left…


I love your earrings! You look adorable, girl!

Have a lovely day!
xx Kris


Those are seriously beautiful! I suck at wearing jewelry as I just never remember to wear it but these are amazing!