Surviving a Festival

Is there anything better than the sun setting, watching your favourite band with all your loved ones? Well, actually, yeah – knowing your teeth aren’t suffering! I have my top festival essentials for you, and you mightttt want to read this, for your own health!…

Festival Essentials

Festivals are something you can learn to be good at. My first festival experience was my worst mostly because I did very little research – who knew you had to take your own loo roll and be prepared for a very cold evening? Definitely not me. The next time, I read as many tips and articles as I could and if anything, I was far too prepared. I even took a washing up bowl to wash in, you can just call me the Festival Queen. (Okay, perhaps that’s a little too far…)

For this post, I’ve teamed up with the guys at Polo to let you in on some little tips for your festival adventures. You’ll definitely want to take note on the teeth brushing stats too, I was a little horrified…

Take some Polo Mints!

So, word on the street is that over a third of Brits don’t brush their teeth during a five day festival! I know it’s all good to escape reality, but escape it that much and the dentist bill will be soon following. It seems that once people set foot on festival ground, their dental hygiene and habits go out the window altogether. Turns out, people prioritise their baby wipes and loo roll over their toothbrush whilst packing, which means bad breath is at an all time high – something I’d definitely rather avoid.

For those now shocked, full of horror and wondering whether they need to book in a dentist appointment the day they return, have no fear – Polo’s are here. POLO® have released their sugar free range of POLO® pots, which are a great way to help solve bad breath probz and also prevent agaisnt any dental nasties, especially when you simply cannot brush those teeth! The pots are super handy – you can simply pop them in your bag, or take a few out for your pockets during the day and return back to the pot in your tent at bedtime. Not only that, I find them super useful for day-to-day life too and have multiple pots in all the places I need a mint the most – my office, the car, every handbag and of course, in the coffee table drawer! And just incase you’re doubting how these minty Polo’s can actually fight bad breath and decay, there’s proof that sugar free mints are the ideal way to deal with both! 

Pack a Rain Mac

Oh weather, the one thing we can rarely rely on. I have visited festivals one hundred percent certain it will not rain… and it rains. Whilst I’ve often enjoyed wearing a bin bag as rain cover, a patterned rain coat is much more effective!

Dry Shampoo, Always

This is basically one of the best festival essentials ever. Dry shampoo allows you to freshen up your hair without washing it – a similar concept to that of the Polo infact! It also makes it smell good too, win win if you ask me…

Polaroid It

I love the effect of a polaroid camera, they are fun and also really nice keep-sakes. I take as many as I can at a festival and to combat the festival-blues a few days later, I make a scrap book of all the photos. It’s really nice to have something physical to look through.

Bite Size Packing List

  • Comfy Shoes for lots of walking
  • Plasters, incase you don’t choose comfy shoes
  • Glitter, because.. well, why not?
  • Denim Shorts, festival must have attire
  • A straw hat, good for hair hiding
  • Sunglasses, good for lack of sleep!
  • A big bag, for the Polos mostly!
  • A portable phone charger, because it’s modern these days…
  • A good pillow – the ground isn’t too soft
  • A warm hoody, for those cold evenings!
  • Wellies, rain prep
  • Your best friend, because it wouldn’t be the same without them!

This post is in collaboration with POLO, but all thoughts/minty breath are my own – of course! 


This is a great post, with some really hand tips! There are so many things on the market right now that can turn your camping experience into a glamping one (despite the lack of teeth brushing!). Portable chargers are so handy, while it’s cool to get your phone charged by a man riding a unicycle, the quirkiness can wear off when your being charged a bomb for it, or have to wait in queues for hours. Packing one is an essential to making sure you have the best out of your experience!

I must admit that fact about festival goers not brushing their teeth for five days has totally horrified me – I must admit I’m more into ‘glamping’ than camping and a toothbrush and toothpaste would be an absolute must for me! I do like the idea of the Polo pots though, who doesn’t love that minty fresh feeling hey?

I have never seen that packaging of polo!! so handy!

xx from Italy
Cate //

Polo’s are such a shout!! I’m off to my first festival this year so this is such a handy post – thank you!xx

Lucy |

Some really good tips you’ve got there! 🙂

Ellen x | thatsellen