Who knew after avoiding yellow for so many years of my life, I would love it after a panic Zara sale buy! Also, sharing some info on how to feel better when you’re having a bad day because well, we all have them.. don’t we?


Yellow. A colour I avoid. It’s the type of colour I’m drawn to but after holding it up agaisnt my skin-tone in shops, always decide agaisnt. Then the Zara sale happened and oh my god – that took me by surprise. Basically, CARNAGE. The queues, oh the queues. The panic, so much panic. Instantly I felt like I HAD to buy whatever I picked up, whatever I could find in my size and I would bloody well queue for an hour to buy it if I needed to. So that’s exactly what I did, and I came out with this outfit – consisting on mainly yellow.

On later inspection, I actually really like it. The trousers are my favourite type – loose (although I admittedly could have sized up a smidgen) and comfortable, the type that are amazing to travel in. Then, the yellow top was sitting there patiently waiting to be brought – low and behold it was the exact colour match too. I have tried to find these items online to link, but it seems you’ll have to face the crowds and get them in store too!

To finish off the look I chose my new Dr Maartens from Jake Shoes, because I really like big black boots with a girly Summer outfit. Although, probably will wait for slightly colder weather before I wear them again..! Then sticking to a pop of colour I opted for me’ new Rayban Sunglasses via Sunglasses Shop. These are my favourite shape and style of Raybans so far. I have these in mirrored blue and not only are they amazing for spying (no one can see my actual eye-balls!) I absolutely love the pop of blue. They make any outfit cool, I’m dying to wear them with an all-black look too. Actually, I kinda just want them in every colour so I can be the most coordinated person EVER.

Five ways to feel better

Recently we moved house and this beautiful woodland in in our front garden. It’s only since moving here and looking out my bedroom window at this view everyday that I realise how much living here has improved my mood. Even though I loved our little home, I loved it because it was ours and our first ever house together. However, this feels proper.. I feel at peace here, and that’s pretty damn lovely.

But also, I’ve been struggling recently too. My mind always occupied and my thoughts stolen, replaced with anger. It’s days like this when it seems to take an awful lot of energy to feel positive, even though I know it’s there, somewhere. Days like today when everything seems like a chore, frustration in every corner and like an invisible black cloud is surrounding me (Oh and hey, PMS) But we all have bad days, don’t we? Those moments when we go to bed in a really great mood and wake up the devil’s BFF. I’m never quite sure what happens during my dreams on nights like this, but they’re really annoying.

So, it’s not something I’m particularly great at (yet) but I have come across a few ways to make myself feel better on bad days and I thought it could help someone out there having a bad day too. Admittedly these are pretty much all things I want to do the least on a bad day so it IS a force yourself kinda jobby. BUT, if you force it, you’ll feel better.. so there’s the silver lining.

Now, I always feel a bit weird adding in these little sections to an outfit post and whilst a few years back it was all clothes, clothes, clothes.. I actually find these little segments quite helpful – even if it’s just for me! I’d love to know what you guys think though, of course, as you’re the readers and quite frankly – you’re the boss! Do you guys like these advice corners? A little paragraph bearing my soul? Or should I keep it zipped and just talk clothes. Let me know in the comments.

And just like that, the 5 tips are down there, ready and waiting. Let’s all hope we wake up in a better mood tomorrow, for the world’s sake…

Get Outdoors

My job is amazing but also, lonely. I sit on my own, online, mostly reading about everyone’s good day and it can make you feel so much worse. Getting outside and seeing your friends, or even just for a walk can really clear your mind.

Do Yoga

Something I definitely need to do more of. It’s so calming and I always feel like my mind is refreshed afterwards. Dust off the matt and get stretching, because it really is worth it, plus you’re exercising.. win win!

Talk About It

It’s good to talk. I spend a lot of time keeping things to myself and letting it boil over and that’s not good. Talk to your loved ones or even start a journal about how you’re feeling, get it all out!

You Time

A bath is always a good place to start. A pamper day/night makes you feel looked after and let’s face it, a good face mask, bit of tan, freshly painted nails and you can basically take on the WORLD.

Read Up

Whatever’s troubling you, you’re not alone (even though you feel like the loneliest person in the world!) There’s always someone else going through the same problem and reading their story might just help you with yours too.

Photography by Chris Bradshaw


I loveeee your entire outfit. So fun!

Kara Aragon

These photos are incredible Laura! Amazing post! xxx

I’m glad that you finally tried yellow – it suits you perfectly! Overall, I really like a hint of yellow in my own outfits. Probably you want to check it out on .
lots of love, Lena

ah these photos are so beautiful. lovely outfit. Yellow is such a beautiful summery colour.

This outfit is so playful and beautiful, love it! 🙂

Ellen x | thatsellen