The Maxi Dress For Everyone

I found a maxi-dress that just works, yep I said it. I didn’t think it would ever really happen but it has and of course, I just had to share it with you…

Come to Mamma

Maxi-dresses, a style I’m always drawn too but usually hand back to the dressing room assistant with my polite “no good thanks” face. I’m not sure why but it seems like most of the time the cut, length and style are all sorts of wrong on my figure. It kinda sucks because I always find myself wanting to be that girl that’s floating around in her long, feminine dress looking all under-stated and cool but it just never works for me.

I thought I’d be brave, give it one last go with my returns label to the ready. Then, just like that, this little baby from Stitch & Ware landed through the door and oh my lord, it works. It actually bloody works! Ladies, I present to you… the maxi dress that works for everyone (and how do I know? Because if it works for me, it will for you too!)

It’s the perfect cut. I’ve never actually tried a wrap maxi, which was a huge mistake! It nips you in at all the right places and has a relaxed yet elegant feel about it. The print on this dress is also a favourite, slightly country chic with the ability to rock it up with a leather jacket, aka Laura Bradshaw style.

Now, the only thing with wrap dresses is that obviously if you get a gust of wind your pants ARE on show. But I have the solution and that is in the name of a slip, from M&S aka the best place for slips in the world. I picked myself one up after wearing this dress on a very windy day and let me tell you, it’s a deal sight better. Infact I kinda want to wear it under EVERYTHING I own, just for that bit of extra “knicker flash” protection. Now they aren’t too pretty so don’t be put off by the variations I’ve picked out below. However, boy oh boy they work… and that’s all that really matters.

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Dress – Stitch & Ware

Sunnies – Boden

Sandals – ASOS


You look so beautiful in this dress!

Have an amazing day!
xx Kris

Also, I love that you’re using M&S peonies – they’re my favourite when I can’t go to my local florist and last ages! X

This dress is so beautiful! <3