Give Me Sleep

We all spend so much time stressed out, working hard.. but when do we ever make time for us?! I’m discussing some relaxation tips for when you’re travelling or just during your day to day life…

What is ‘me time’ anyway?

I am writing this at 23:28 from my hotel bed. It is here I have realised my first mistake in getting a good nights sleep – working from bed whilst I’m meant to be on “holiday”. However if you’re self employed or have multiple career aspects I’m sure you’ll recognise this position I’m in… propped up with two pillows, my pjs and a water? No, really I mean working all hours of the day, even in your down time. I spent the travelling on my phone, checking social media and replying to various emails and now I’m spending my relax time doing the same thing too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very fortunate that I get to work from home and technically working at 11.30pm, in bed, isn’t the worst way to work. (This IS coming from the girl who’s first job was alone in a shop attic though) It just means that I have to make sure I take some me time, to recoup, refresh and stop myself from actually becoming my laptop… and looking at the state of my hair right now – it’s a close call.

As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that this so-called ‘me time’ happens less and less (and I don’t even have children!) I’m not sure why it is but I’m putting it down to the feeling of guilt I get when I lay in the bath, watch TV or spend too long painting my nails because well, I could be doing so much more. Even spending time doing the food shop gives me shivers of ‘I should be working’ and this is mostly why I opt for a quick online one instead. Whilst I hope it’s not just me that feels this way, I kind of just think it’s how life is now. We’re all so ambitious to make our lives something that we forget to look after ourselves. And let’s face it, without us there’s not really much left to aim for.

So, even though we all know that sometimes you only get out what you put in, it’s the same with looking after you. It’s SO important to treat yourself with care, you only get one you after all. Here’s a few tips on how to take some you time – to enjoy your life more.

So, how can we all chill out more?

Travel Tips

It’s okay to be super organised. Infact it’s a really good idea, the more organised you are when travelling the easier it is to spend time enjoying yourself, eating out, going to a spa rather than worrying about everything and anything. Get your workload sorted before a holiday and schedule those posts and tweets – it makes so, so much difference and saves you having to work whilst away.

It’s okay to read 10 books. It’s actually the best thing about travelling – so much time to read! Make sure you have every book you fancy because if you’re anything like me, one is never enough once I get going. This applies to you if you’re not travelling too as reading before bed calms your mind! Turn off the phone screen, the TV and get stuck into an old fashion book for an hour or so, it’s super calming.

It’s okay to have a social blackout. Put down the phone, log out of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook because well, let’s face it… the world will still be there when you get back and so will your followers!

It’s okay to wear an eye mask. So this Tempur eye mask is actually the best thing I own. Hotels are known to have rubbish curtains and the sun starts poking it’s head in at 5am and no one needs a wake up time of that on holiday, do they?! This completely blocks the sunlight out and it feels so comfortable on my eyes. I do feel super fancy when I’m wearing it too, kinda like in Pretty Woman, y’know?

It’s okay to take your pillow EVERYWHERE. Lumpy pillows, aka my MAIN pet peeve about hotels, are the devil. However taking your own pillow along solves this problem instantly. Too big? Well actually here’s where the Travel Pillow comes in. Firstly, it’s travel size so it’s perfect for the car/plane/wherever you like to catch some ZZZ’s, it’s also a good stand in pillow when you’re dealt a bad hand in the hotel! It’s small, yes, but also moulds into any shape you want it (because it’s made from actual NASA unique memory foam!) perfect for a bit of neck comfort. The Tempur products are all scientifically created to help your comfort when sleeping or travelling, I wouldn’t be without mine.

Life Tips

It’s okay to have time off. If you work for yourself and you want to spend an hour catching up on some Gossip Girl, that’s cool. You can make up the hour later, or even bring your laptop to the TV and watch whilst you work. I actually find that TV show email replying is pretty productive! If you’re employed, it’s also totally okay to book a random half day off to go home, sit in bed, eat m&m’s and watch Breaking Bad.

It’s okay to feel unmotivated. I feel SO annoyed at myself when I have a slow day. I like to be productive – I like the feeling of getting sh*t done! However, there will always be bad days, days when you write an entire blog post and it sucks, shoot an outfit and hate the way your hair looks, such is life. Pick yourself up, have a 30 minute coffee break or a walk in some fresh air and come back to things with a positive attitude. Or just call your Mum for a rant, that works really well for me – thanks Ma’!

It’s okay to compare, sometimes. This is one for the blogger & Instagram gals. Self comparison is something I have touched on many a’ time on this blog but always as a negative. However (wait for it…) it can also be a good thing. A little friendly competition isn’t always the worst thing in the world and actually comparison is more about how you deal with it. So before you get down that a blogger shot a fashion campaign you wanted or you wish you just had better photos like they do – try to channel it into how you can make yourself better. Make a list of new blog posts, contact a photographer for help, heck – even message that person and tell them how great they are because let’s face it, they’re probably feeling the exact same way as you are about someone else.

It’s okay to go to bed early. Feel like going to bed at 9pm? Just go for it! A early night and a good night sleep will leave you feeling recharged and energised, meaning a better day for you! And if you don’t have time for that, or you’re on the go – have a sleep in the car (obviously whilst someone else is driving!) which is made super easy with these Tempur products, the eye mask and foam pillow are me fave thing ever.

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This post is in conjunction with Tempur® but all thoughts & tips are my own, of course!


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