Styling Bridesmaids – On The Highstreet!

It can be really tough to style other people, let alone a group of people.. your own girl tribe if you will. However, I have a few little tips I picked up along the way which will *hopefully* help you out…

The Struggle

Choosing my Bridesmaids was simple, my three best friends. Finding dresses I liked, not so easy. Unlike some I had no clue on my colour theme or what style I was after and I definitely wanted my girls to be comfortable. I began the search online and ordered countless amounts of dresses – some long, some short, I even tried a skirt and top combo, however nothing really floated my boat and none of the colours stood out to me.

Getting married in May was tricky. When I was shopping for Bridesmaids dresses Spring/Summer stock hadn’t appeared in stores or online yet, so I was dealing with Winter colours (deep reds, purples, etc) which wasn’t what I had envisioned. I knew I wanted something different, but what?! For a few months I gave up and this was the best thing I did. It gave me time to sort other aspects of the day such as our invites, my dress and the venue which made it a lot easier to choose a colour theme.


Eventually, my theme became earthy tones. Muted greens, dusky pinks and popping silvers. As if by luck whilst browsing ASOS one day that’s exactly what I came across. Three perfect dresses, in the perfect colours and with their own unique twist. Buying them wasn’t so easy as it seemed these dresses were in high demand and all sizes were out of stock. However, I set my Mum on the case and between the both of us we noticed as soon as the stock was back and snapped them up. I was over the moon with them and they all looked blimmin’ gorgeous on the day too.

Styling Tips

Be kind

Now I know it’s rare for anyone to do a bad dress pick on purpose, but I think it’s good to ask your Bridesmaids if there’s anything they would absolutely hate to wear. To spend a whole day uncomfortable is bad enough, but remember they also have to walk down the isle infront of a room of people too and they have to feel comfortable. Some might like a sleeve, some might want to stay clear of body-con. Sure enough you might feel like it makes your job harder, but in fact it will make your day a lot happier too.


Before you shop, do some research. The worst thing I did was go shopping unaware of what I really wanted. You can even buy dresses you think you like and then once you have other things sorted you might want something else. As soon as I had my theme sorted it became alot easier to find the perfect dresses. I found Pinterest the best for this as the wedding content is endless, every colour theme is covered! You can find my wedding boards listed below (now that I can un-hide them, yay!)


Make sure you leave enough time between buying your dresses and having them altered, especially if you buy online. All my girls dresses needed taking up, including the flower girls! You might even need to check the sizes too, just incase they come up a little big. I would say it’s ideal to leave at least a month before the day to get this sorted – just incase the seamstress is busy!

No Rules

The best thing about it being your wedding day is that there’s no rules. If you want your Bridesmaids to all wear different colours, then that’s fine. If you want them all in different dresses, that’s cool. You can choose, you’re the boss. The best thing about now is that anything goes, I’ve seen all sorts of dresses and it’s so exciting to know that you can do anything you like, be creative!

My Highstreet Dresses

I was so pleased with my Bridesmaid dresses, the colours were perfect and I loved having each Bridesmaid in a different colour. The sequins satisfied my Magpie tendency (I get that from my Mumma!) and the tulle skirt was a nice contrast agaisnt my lace dress. With each dress priced at just £85 they were also quite the bargain, which is why high street Bridesmaid dress shopping is now so popular and definitely something I’d advise!

More Highstreet Dresses

And because there is SO much choice out there – here are a few more that I just love, including a colour theme just incase you’re having some trouble. I’d love to compile even more into a post, so let me know if that’s something you’d like in the comments below!


Photography – Kathryn Hopkins | Flowers – Rebecca Avery | Dress – Maggie Sottero via Grace & Lace | Shoes – Rachel Simpson (use the code tinytwisst for 10% off, valid until end of June 2017!) | Bridesmaid Dresses – Maya Boutique via ASOS | Groom & Usher’s suits – Moss Bros | Groom’s Shoes – Howick | Makeup & Hair – Amy Lawrence | Band – Jupiter Ray | Marquee Laterns – Complete Entourage


Absolutely love this post! Very helpful and useful for anyone planning a wedding. And, of course, you all look absolutely smashing! I love the antique, romantic vibe of your floral bouquets. It suits you so well. Congrats on a beautiful wedding!

xoxo – Kelly