Wedding Makeup

If you’re attempting your own Wedding makeup, it can feel like a bit of a minefield. However, I’ve been practising and have found some staple products that you should definitely know about…

Dewy Wedding Makeup

For me wedding makeup is all about that healthy glow. Sure enough like most Brides I want to look my best and flawless but I also want to still look like me. I couldn’t think of anything worse than Chris turning around and wondering if it’s really me walking towards him! I love the soft pinks, a little eyeliner, tame brows and a bit of a dewy glow and this is definitely something I’ll be going for on my Wedding day! So, with this in mind I’ve put together a makeup look that I think is perfect for the special day, as well as some products I’ve been loving recently…


Skin prep is super important and don’t worry if you’ve only got a few weeks – you still have time to pull it around. I suffer from dry skin but also those annoying little ‘under the skin’ bumps that never seem to want to leave, no matter what! However, I’ve recently come across two hero products for skincare and definitely need to share them with you guys.

Anne Semonin – Tissue Repair Serum Oil

Yeah okay, so this is a miracle worker. This has transformed my skin from dry, dull and grey to healthy, vibrant and well, pretty damn glowy! I’ve had so many compliments on my skin since using this and I never, ever want to run out of it. I have always avoided oils in the past, as I hate that oily/greasy feel on my skin but this one is a matte oil, which means it sinks right in. I also use it as a makeup primer, because it’s damn good at that too! My Mum has been testing out the Anti-Aging version too and she loves it, infact she only has a tiny bit left and I’m not sure how well she’s coping with that…! If you’re on a tight budget, this product is a little pricey but I can safely say that once I run out, I’ll be saving my pennies to buy another bottle because I don’t think I can live without it.

Clinique – Moisture Surge Cream

Otherwise known as the ‘Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator‘. You know when you get a cold, use too many tissues and get that horrible dry skin build up around your nose? I had that for so, so, so long. Then, I thought I’d give this cream a go and in two days it was gone. TOTALLY GONE! I firstly apply my oil in the evening and then rub this over any areas that feel a little dry such as my nose, under my eyes and pretty much anywhere else I like. A little goes a long way too, so you can bet this product will last you a while. It has a nice gel consistency, which makes it feel super light on the skin and it basically sinks in straight away. This product is definitely a must if you suffer with dry patches.


It’s tough to know what products to commit to for your big day and this is definitely something that may require some trials and research. Testers are key and most beauty stores will allow you to take a few home to test out before you purchase (especially with foundation shades!) Some of the products I’ve trailed recently and found work for me are the following…

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

 I have been wearing this for years and I never get bored of it. It’s the perfect base for a healthy, dewy and natural finish. Sometimes if I’m feeling like I do need slightly more coverage I will mix it with a heavier foundation and it still glides on my skin perfectly. Even though it’s a really light product it still gives me coverage that I feel confident with and I definitely feel like it enhances my natural skin.

Laura Mercier Loose Powder

 I love the dewy look but hate that sticky feeling that foundation with no powder gives me. I pop a little in the lid give it a bit of a swirl and lightly dust my powder brush over my face. It seals my foundation but still gives me a bit of a glow, without looking powdery. It’s also really good for under the eyes as it stops concealer creasing, it’s basically good all round and keeps that foundation put!

Kat Von D Everlasting Eyeliner 

I have been converted by this eyeliner – it’s amazing! The pen nib makes it SO easy to get a super thin line which is something I find difficult with some products and it stays put all day long, which is perfect for a long wedding day and plenty of emotional tears (but not too many…)

Urban Decay Naked Palettes

These palettes are absolutely perfect because they cater for every netural shade you could ask for. They are brilliant for natural smokey eyes and something I go for time and time again when doing my makeup – for any occasion. For a reasonable price you get a load of amazingly pigmented shades that stay put all day long.

The Video

If you prefer to watch a makeup look, see how I created this exact makeup look in my YouTube video below 🙂


I love how natural this make up is and how it really compliments your features rather than hide them. You have such lovely blue eyes!

Congratulations Laura, hope you had the best day on Saturday! Love how soft and natural this look is – and I’m reeeally liking the sound of that oil…(bank balance probably disagrees)
Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good

Ooo I just love the finished look you’ve gone for! Hope you had an amazing day yesterday x