Love On The Weekend

I braved the culottes and enjoyed them, so why have they been hiding at the bottom of my wardrobe for so, damn, long?!…

It takes time

So, hey! I’ve been absent from the world of blogging for a little while (well, almost a month) I’ve been having a pretty rough time and have been unwell, it’s been a pretty traumatic time and not something I’m ready to talk about just yet. Instead of rushing back into work, I took my time to get better and it has definitely done me the world of good. The only downside? I feel like I have totally forgotten how to be a blogger, I’ve fallen out the loop and need to get my feet back inside!

What better way to return to the world of outfit photos than a little woodland walk with my fancy photographer? I was feeling something a little more neutral than normal, but not my usual choice of black. As you can see, brown was my port of call after I digged this hat out of my old hat box, I think I wore this little gem to New York around 10 years ago. Turns out fashion does come back around – which made me feel a little old, must admit.

I have had these Zara culottes sitting in my wardrobe for a few months now too. I picked them up for £12 in the sale and have never had the confidence to wear them, which is what I want to discuss in this blog post.

It might be because I’ve had a lot of thinking time over the past few weeks, but I was looking through older blog posts and realised that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost a bit of confidence when it comes to outfits. I always put this down to pressure to be “fashionable” especially when I’m in such a style led career, but sometimes I think it’s because I look to others for approval, far too much. I’ve made a vow to myself that I’m going to wear the things I buy, rather than just merely think about it. These velvet culottes? They are going to be worn, more than once and if people stare – let them.

Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email

How to wear culottes

As much as I have grown to love culottes, they can be tricky to style. An extremely comfortable trouser shape but sadly not always so flattering. However, on styling a few pairs myself I have two main tips to keep in mind…

Good shoe choice

When it comes to styling culottes one of the most important factors is to choose the correct shoes. I have shorter legs so usually something with a heel would work best to help elongate those pins! However when the trouser length is a little longer you can definitely get away with a more clumpy styled shoe or boot, like these Dr Martens! The best way to figure it all out? A good ol’ try on session, try on all your shoes with all your culottes and you’ll find the perfect pairings.

Shop for your shape

We’ve all been there, brought a piece of clothing that looks great on someone else but not so good on us. It’s really important with culottes that you shop for your own shape and style. For example, I always go for something slightly longer in the leg and high waisted because that flatters my slightly pear-shape a lot better. Something low waisted and shorter in the leg would make my legs look very short – and not great for my casual styling, heels don’t always agree with me!

Shop the post…

‘All that we love, deeply becomes a part of us’


Was very happy to see this pop up on Bloglovin because I love your blog Laura, especially all the gorgeous countryside outfit shots! I’m a massive culottes fan and also have to go for the high-waisted options, the ones you are wearing here are lovely…good old Zara. Would never have thought to style them with those boots but it works SO well.
Hope you’re okay lovely. Sophie xxx | Sophar So Good