It’s Love!

Sometimes we need to share the things we love, so here goes…

Things I flamin’ love!

I was laying awake in bed at 3am recently, reminiscing over my old blog posts and how I used to write about things I loved a lot more. The only way I could force myself back to sleep was to make a promise that the next day I’d write one.. so hey, here it is! I’ve decided to write about a few emotional things I like, as well as materialistic because obviously, both count!

The Emotional Yay’s!

Freshly Cut Grass

Freshly Cut Grass is my favourite thing about Spring – it just never smells the same in Winter. Driving down a wide open road, music blastic, shades on and the smell of grass is literally therapy for me. I instantly feel 100 times better about everything in my life.. oh, except the fact it gives me hayfever. That kinda sucks… I always forget about that.

Waking up early on the weekend

Why is this so good? Sure, I love a lay in… but I would say that getting up early (obviously but not 5am crazy early) on a weekend and getting sh*t done. I love getting out, seizing the day and feeling like I’ve done something good! By the evening, I feel accomplished and I just absolutely love that feeling. However, I do stay un bed until 11am most weekends too so you know.. balance.

The Material Yay’s!

New Home Stuff

Making the house all fancy with new cushions, rugs and fancy home bits is a little past time of mine. I get bored sometimes and need some colour in my life, so I really enjoy deciding on a colour scheme and injecting it into the house. My office is always changing about and because I spend so much time in there I feel it keeps is fresh and my mind full of new ideas and content (ha, who am I kidding?!) This probably shows my age a lot more than I thought it would.. YAY FOR CUSHIONS.

Jean Dream

I feel like I spend all of my life on the hunt for the *perfect* fitting jeans. I can’t say this happens very often but when I do eventually find a pair that fit perfectly it really makes my day. I feel like singing around the shop, kind of like the rain dance from for denim… we could make #DenimDance a thing? The perfect length, a little bit skinny but also a little bit baggy, the right type of colour that’s perfect for any occasion and also super flattering at making my legs look really, really good. I do wish it happened more often though, I’ll admit…

Time Teller

Generally I like to know the time (what a weird sentence) so I do really appreciate a new, fancy watch. I get bored of staring at the same one for days on end so like to have one for every day of the week (not even kidding) However, sometimes I just fancy a little different and unique. Because of this, I especially love the fact that you can buy¬†pre owned Jaeger Lecoultre on the Xupes website. I’m not about designer prices so when it comes to pre owned watches, I’m all up for that. This one being a current favourite!

Shop the outfit

This post is in collaboration with Xupes, but all views and hayfever rants are my own.


My oh my, those culottes are amazing! Love the watch too, especially the colour. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Sophie xxx