Sweet Tooth

Life is tough when you’re a sugar addict, except when a fancy new type of sweet lands in your lap…

Tastes good to me…

I was recently asked to be a taste tester for Rowntrees. I did read the email approximately 10 times before I believed that I was being asked if I wanted to try sweets, for fun. I have a massive sweet tooth, sure enough I do love my savory snacks but every now and then my body craves something sweet. So the idea behind this was I would receive a secret package containing some sweet testers. These arrived in silver packages with no branding whatsoever, just the sweets inside. First up were the fruit pastilles, I didn’t notice much difference to the ones I was used too, so assumed perhaps they were new flavours or shapes?! Same with the Randoms, they tasted pretty spot on. I was slightly confused as to what could be so new about them, which… did shock me when I got the final package.

The final package arrived, and inside were the sweets in the proper bags with the correct branding. These little gems were exactly what I thought they were, except the only difference? 30% LESS SUGAR. I can hand on heart promise I didn’t notice whatsoever and I think that’s pretty great.

It’s obviously ideal to have a healthy diet, but it’s also fine to find balance. I can’t simply cut out all of my favourite foods because I find it just makes me want even more. However, with companies like Nestlé enabling their products to have reduced sugar it definitely helps those trying to find balance, meaning you have less sugar consumed overall. Whilst reading about this new innovation, I came across a quote from Nestlé saying it took them 76 different versions of the recipe and over two years of research and development to ensure they ended up with a product that tastes just as good as the full sugar products. I love the fact that they tried to hard, and hit the nail on the head. It worked.

So, as we’re on the balance wavelength, I thought I’d include some healthy balance tips into this post. I’m not a gym-goer or a clean eating professional but I am 28 years of age (sobs) so I like to think that I do have some life experience on how to cut back when you need to and eat sugar when you want it. So, let’s get started…


If you have a salad for dinner, it doesn’t mean you can’t snack on a few sweets in the evening. It’s all about balance and allowing yourself what you’re craving. A couple of reduced sugar Fruit Pastilles will give you the little fix you need.


If you’ve now consumed 4 packs of sweets, go clean your teeth. It’s not only good to keep your teeth healthy but also gets rid of the sugar craving for a while, allowing you some time to digest what you’ve eaten! Chewing gum has the same effect too!

Get More Sleep

Having a little sugar fix can definitely wake you up, but it’s much better to have a good nights sleep first! Of course, always head for the reduced sugar sweets instead if sleep is not an option (hey noisy neighbours, I’m looking at you…)

You can pick up the reduced Sugar Fruit Pastilles & Randoms in Tesco. This is a sponsored post, but all views my own of course… I do really love sweets!