We’re humans, we make mistakes. Pop planning a wedding into the mix? Oh it’s a whole other level…

So, you made a mistake?

I’ve been wedding planning for a while now and I can definitely look back and question why (or how) I made such silly mistakes along the way. None of those mistakes are huge problems, infact most are just silly little errors on my part. Usually, if I was a ‘normal person’ I would keep these to myself… buried away deep inside. However, I’m a blogger and for some reason or another, I like to share everything with you guys – warts and all (I think that’s the saying, although don’t worry – no warts!)

So this wedding related blog post is all about the little mistakes I’ve made throughout planning a wedding and hopefully it will prevent you from making the same ones!

Having it all figured out

At the start I thought I needed to have everything clear and organised in my mind. What dress I wanted, the venue I was after, the colour theme, bridesmaid dress style. Over time I’ve realised it does all start coming together even when you have no idea what you want at the beginning. Infact, it’s almost nicer to let it naturally evolve rather than forcing all these ideas into action. If you spend months, years planning a wedding your tastes can change by the time the day comes around – so take your time, enjoy it and don’t rush into making decisions.

Worry about money

Sure, weddings are expensive – there’s no denying that. To start with I was worried I might need a lottery win to help fund the big day. However, with a little bit of research and determination you can definitely do things on a budget. I’ll be posting more about this after my wedding day because I have so many things to show you but until then just know that you don’t have to spend hundreds and thousands on absolutely everything. I’ve found Facebook groups super helpful for this too, especially the Rock ‘n Roll bride one. It’s always good to ask around for tips on budgeting!

Forgetting to have fun

Planning an event isn’t always easy and it can definitely become fairly stressful. However it should also be a fun and enjoyable experience. In the lead-up you count down the days, hours and minutes to your big day and almost wish it would go by faster, but so many people have told me the build up is the best part and they wish they had enjoyed it more. Enjoy it, embrace it and have fun with it all.

Watching too much wedding TV

Yes, there is a thing as too much wedding TV. For me, I noticed this when I was waiting for my dress to come in stock. It had been a good few months since I tried it on and I had forgotten how it looked. Then I watched tonnes of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and found myself falling in love with every dress – even ones I would never go for! Don’t binge watch wedding TV all the time, have a break and focus on real life too.


It’s taken me a while to realise that I won’t truly know much about how my day will look until it actually arrives, and it takes a while to come to terms with that. Like many events, you have so many little things going on that it’s impossible to picture them all together, until they literally are. Rather than getting stressed about this and worrying my little brain off, I’m seeing it as a pleasant surprise on the day.

Ordering Invites

Okay so, this was probably the silliest mistake I’ve made when it comes to wedding planning. We’re having approximately 70 or so guests to the day, and a few more joining us in the evening. Luckily enough Chris is a Graphic Designer (so I am technically but.. he’s much better than me!) so we were able to design our own wedding invites pretty easily. This however, also meant I would have to sort getting them printed.

Off I went to, and sent away for 80+ day invites and 30+ evening invites (a few extra for backups etc) Then, when it came to sending them out, I realised I had quite a few left over, piles infact! It then dawned on me that even though we’re having 70+ guests, mosts are couples. I had ordered double the amount I needed! Not only that, I made a spelling mistake on the RSVP’s, so had to have a bunch of those re-printed. Sadly, I didn’t know about my over-ordering until after this point, so I now have a load of those floating around too! D’oh!

More wedding chat

If you want more stories and (honest) wedding advice I’m also writing some blog posts for Rock My Wedding. They kindly asked me to contribute to their ‘Real Brides’ section and of course I said yes, weddings are my favourite thing to write about. To read my first introduction post, click here. You can also see more of these wonderful photos by my *actual wedding photographer* Kathryn Hopkins over on the blog too, click here for those!

Photography by Kathryn Hopkins


Definitely watched too much ‘Say yes to the Dress’ before I got married! Great Advice xx

Eventhough I’m not getting married and can’t imagine it being something I ever do, this was still such an interesting read. Paticularly about facebook groups to ask for tips, that’s something I wouldnt even think to look into. These photos are so beautiful and ethereal and I think this post will really help many people.