Ruffled sleeves are my new best friend, even more so with a dose of baby blue and a distressed denim jacket…


As soon as I saw this dress on the Miss Pap website, I knew it had to be mine. A soft dose of baby blue, paired with a high neckline and delicate ruffled sleeves. Perhaps it was a little hard to iron, but once it was done – it was all good.

I paired it with a distressed denim jacket, some clumpy (in a good way) boots which let me tell you, were so comfortable – I could have walked around all day in these! Then of course, a little fluffy bag for some dramatics and some funky hippy-esq sunnies, which I absolutely adore. Pop on an orange lippy and it finishes the whole thing off too. So, I’ll admit… this outfit is one of my new favourites.

 Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email

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If you’re stuck in a rut with fashion and really want to rock the ruffle trend.. but just not sure how to start? Carry on reading!

Be brave and just do it.

I first thought that flared sleeves were not for me but then, when I brought my first dress I absolutely adored them. I now have a wardrobe full. For the first purchase, go smaller as something really subtle still creates a similar effect. Also a ruffle sleeve is slightly different to a flare and can sometimes be a little easier to wear as a starter, gradually ease yourself into that big flare. Just don’t wear your flare sleeves to dinner.. it’s a recipe for disaster.

It’s actually really flattering…

I find flare sleeves so flattering. They draw attention away from any part you want to minimise (not sure that’s the correct term, but I like it!) and instead people look at your wrists.. hey, it’s a good’un! On a dress especially, a flared sleeve can make that waist look tiny, it also gives most outfits a feminine edge. As you can see here the dress is a high-neckline but because the sleeves soften it, it creates a really feminine, girly outfit.

This post is in collaboration with Miss Pap, but all words and outfit choices are my own, of course!


Your boots are so cool! Love them!



Love the colour of that dress! xxx

Amazing outfit love the mixture of that baby blue with the denim!

Allie | Rush + Teal

These are such stunning photos but those boots are everything to me right now! They are AMAZING!

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