For Mum

We’ve had International Women’s Day and now Mother’s Day, and it’s left me all sorts of inspired..

For you, Mum

Gifting my Mum a present is always the most difficult task to take part in. She never wants anything, never asks for anything.. and I usually end up getting her a voucher and taking her for a coffee. However, this year I thought something a little more personal would be nice – so in comes these amazing candles from The White Company.

For me, candles always remind me of my Mum. As soon as I visit home there’s a cosy vibe, candles lit, fire roaring and a hug waiting for me. A candle for me, is home. This year I will be gifting my Mum two of my favourite candles, and everytime she lights them, I hope she thinks of me!

We’ve had some rocky times – like most… but no matter what, I’ve always been there for my Mum and her there for me. There is a bond between Mother and Daughter that cannot be broken and whilst I know some people aren’t blessed with a Mum they can count on, I am so grateful that I can.

Sure enough, when you’re a teenager parent’s aren’t cool, you don’t want them to be your friend. But then you get to the age where you start to realise that actually, life can be tough sometimes. How on earth did she cope with that, and still manage to cook me dinner? I guess one day I might know?

And if you’re not reading this in agreement, Mother’s Day is a good time to reflect and perhaps forgive. Being a Mother can be tough, or so I’ve heard.

Lime & Bay

I picked this scent because it’s super fresh (and my Mum does like a fresh scent y’know…) It’s also one of The White Company’s signature scents, it’s definitely not something my Mum would buy herself, so I thought it would be a nice indulgent treat. I do love the packaging also, sleek and simple.

Pick up The Lime & Bay Candle, here.


I was attracted to this candle because of the pretty white porcelain it sits in – perfect for any room of the house (and any background shot!) It also comes with a lid, so you can save it and pop some earrings in it when it’s finished – all Mum’s will like that! This is a subtle scent with a feminine twist.

 Pick up the Iris Candle, here.

Things I’m grateful for…


If I wanted to be an astronaut, cool. If I wanted to be a hairdresser, great. If I wanted to be a blogger, go do it. I was never held back from any career path, hobby or choice that I wanted (well, except the bad ones..!)

Being Open

If I have a problem of some kind or I’m having a down day, I always know I can go to my Mum.  Firstly for a hug, but also her advice is key and I know she’ll always help me out when I need her the most.


Sure enough, everyone has fights but we all make up again. I know that no matter what bad thing I might do, or say, she’ll still love me. She’ll never judge me, and if she thinks I’m wrong, she’ll tell me.

If you’re after a loving gift for your Mum this Mother’s Day, or any day of the year just to say ‘I love you’, check out their range here!

This post is in collaboration with The White Company, all views my own – of course!


Being your mum has been an absolute pleasure, you are the best thing that has happened to me,I feel totally blessed, we have loads to look forward to ❤xxxx