Wardrobe New In – Boohoo

I picked up four beautiful tops from Boohoo recently, all £20 or under. Whilst this is a slightly different concept for my blog, I figured you guys might enjoy a change..

Something New…

I did a Boohoo haul recently over on my YouTube channel (catch that at the end of this post!) and realised it’s something I wanted to bring over to my blog too! Whilst I show you outfits, I don’t tend to show you my whole “new in” collection, and why not?! So, taking inspiration from YouTube and video making, here is the start of my blog haul series!

So whilst they might not be shot all fancy like some of my outfit posts and may lack a story or strong narrative behind them… these will be little “in-between” posts, just to inject some shopping inspo into your lives. Not that you need it (if you’re anything like me!) So, if you like the idea of this, let me know in the comments too!