The Moment You Know

There is a moment in everyones life when you know.

You know what food you like, what clothes you prefer wear and well, what love really is…

When you know, you know

I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves “Is he the one?” in past relationships. It’s the unknown of whether this is the feeling or if it’s just a stepping stone to the real deal. Then a little way along the line of life you realise if you had to ask yourself that question he was definitely not the one. To be fair… by this point, you probably already know that fact anyway.

So, I guess I can’t really explain the correct feelings because not only is everyone different, I wouldn’t want to ruin a magical moment. I also realised, you can’t really explain it – I had many conversations with my parents, friends, google searches (yeah) about how you know, what if you never find the one? None of them led me any closer to knowing what to expect. All I could find was “When you know, you know” which, when you don’t know – isn’t that helpful. Then, out of nowhere it happened. I hopped over onto the “I do know” side of life, and it was pretty damn great, I like it here and plan to stay here forever.

So, when Links of London got in touch and asked if I fancied writing a post about the moment I knew, inspired by their beautiful Valentine’s Day collection it seemed perfect timing. I do love a love story, afterall…

I wanted these photos to be taken in a sentimental place to fit in with the post. Whilst it’s not the place we met or where we got engaged, it’s a place we visited one evening and I have the nicest memories of. We shot here previously and it was the most magical evening. It was Summer, the sun was setting and the beach completely empty. We took photos, laughed and it was so calm. Just one of those evenings I really liked, you know?! Of course, Chris took these photos too…

 Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email

Meeting him

I first met Chris at one of his gigs and it was totally unexpected. I was a littleee tipsy and very much enjoying the Stevie Wonder tunes blasting at me. I liked his band on Facebook and continued to go to every other public gig they played. Not on purpose or to catch Chris’ attention… to be honest, I just really enjoyed wine and dancing. It was a complete coincidence and I always say we were meant to meet, I was meant to be drunk at his gig.

Forward on a few years – a few dates (including roller skating) a bit of a life directional change and then a few more dates. We’re now getting married this year. I still remember crying to my Dad about how I was going to grow old with ten cats and now I’m going to grow old with Chris… and probably still ten cats… but that’s cool. Isn’t it funny how things can change so quickly?

I’ve typed the next sentence three times and each one sounds more cringe than the last, BUT he is basically the ying to my yang. He cheers me up, makes me angry, cheers me up some more, watches my rubbish TV shows, plays nice guitar songs, understands me and it all feels right. Everything about him, us, is right. That is how I know it’s the real deal, life with Chris doesn’t scare me – it excites me.

The Bracelet

I love sentimental jewellery and Links of London always stand out to me in that sense. With such a wide range of pieces they literally have something for everyone, even yourself. When I was asked to pick a piece from the collection to feature, I just had to choose this stunning bracelet.

I had this super old heart bracelet and for some reason I decided to wear it on a date with Chris. He commented that he liked it, and you know what? I wore that damn thing every single day after that moment – so much so, it broke. This is my replacement and it reminds me of those beautiful, early relationship moments.

I haven’t taken it off yet and that’s one of the things I love most about it – I can wear this everyday with any outfit and it creates a statement. I would say this is one of the most iconic Links of London pieces and definitely one of my favourites. Named appropriately as The Sweetheart it also makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one, or yourself of course! (no sizing needed either, which makes things a lot easier!) There’s nothing better than receiving something you can look at everyday and smile to yourself.

If you fancy this bracelet for yourself, or a loved one, you can find the sweetheart bracelet here. It also comes in Gold and Rose Gold – both equally stunning and difficult to choose between!

There’s plenty more collections here too – keep an eye open for the Valentines Day collection available now.

This post is in collaboration with Links of London, however of course all views, photos and boyfriend’s are my own!