Put A Ring On It

Something happens to you once you get engaged.

You love to hear engagement stories, in fact they fill you with joy and love. Here’s mine followed by a few tips for her, and him…

What better day to discuss engagements than today?

I remember the day I got engaged like it was yesterday. Even though it was a usual day for us (we were off exploring to take some blog photos) something felt a little different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at the time but Chris seemed away with the fairies. We parked up at a beautiful woods and when I texted my Mum to tell her where we were off too, even she seemed a little odd, telling me to have a lovely day. Shooting blog photos in the cold?! I could try… I was a little bemused as to why everyone seemed indifferent but shrugged it off.

I had a specific outfit to shoot, so got changed in the car. Trying to put a skirt on over jeans and a jumper on over a thermal vest is a tough job y’know! I applied some bright orange lipstick and apologised to Chris for having to wait around for me… as usual!

We finished up the photos and all of a sudden the wind whistled through the tall trees and I felt super happy. The noise was beautiful, calming and the sun glistened through the leaves – everything looked so golden. I spotted a beautiful bush, full of delicate yellow flowers and asked Chris to snap a photo of it for my post. That was the last image he took before he popped the question, and my most favourite photo ever (so much so, it’s my forever Facebook cover photo, ha!)

So before I knew it, he was knelt in front of me saying words and the trees were spinning, my heart beating and my eyes crying. For a few minutes I thought it was a joke, but then out came the ring and that confirmed it all.

I was an engaged woman!

When Pravins got in touch and asked me to write about my engagement story, well.. I love a wedding inspired post but the engagement was something I had only lightly touched on. I browsed their website and well, let me tell you – those rings are works of art. Stunning and perfect for any engagement.

So, one of my favourite things to do after getting engaged was quiz Chris about it, which feels weird to type but, it’s true! Hearing his side of things was interesting and not something I had ever considered before. How did he know? When did he decide? How did he know what ring to go for? All the questions flooded out and to be honest, I don’t really think even Chris knew the answers to most!

Of course, my wedding related posts always have to come with some tips and I decided that it would be good to have tips for both women AND men, because who knows.. you might be a guy browsing the website for engagement related tips and ring inspiration – and here they are, all in one place.

For the ladies…

Talk It Over

When you’re waiting for “it” to happen, it can feel like it’s taking forever. If you’re both on the same path though, it will. Sometimes it’s good to have a little “will we get married one day” chat.

Point Of View

Sometimes it can seem really easy, but actually asking someone to marry them can be daunting. It’s a lot of pressure and sometimes you have to see it from his point of view.

Take it all in

When the moment happens, it all goes in one ear and out the other. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten what he even said. Remember it and take it all in!

For the gents…

Take in those hints

She will most likely drop a few hints. I think all ladies feel like they better mention something, just in case. Listen and take note before you forget what she said. Don’t worry though, she’ll probably say it again next week…

Jewellery Research

Have a little dig through her jewellery box whilst she’s out – you’ll need to know her style of ring, material and of course, size is always good! Keep an eye on what she wears and her usual choice in rings. Basically, be a spy.

Get Help

It’s okay to get help. You can visit Pravins stores in person if shopping online daunts you and one of the sales team will gladly help you out with choosing “the one”. They also have a nice inspiration section online, which is interesting!

Choosing The Ring

I know the pressure is on when it comes to choosing a ring but it’s all about what you think she will love and what you love equally. The face you have brought a ring and asked her to marry you, is special in itself. If you’re unsure, keep it simple with a single diamond, but if your other half is a little more experimental, a shaped diamond could be a nice touch too! Put some time into thinking about it, and you’ll find the perfect ring.

Who are Pravins?

Pravins opened their first boutique in London’s West End nearly 50 years ago. They’re now a leading independent jeweller with branches across the UK. Their vision has always remained the same.. exquisite jewellery presented in a world class boutique environment, with a name you can trust – Pravins.

Like I mentioned, Pravins have four boutique stores across the UK (Bristol, Cardiff, Reading and Southhampton) which means you can not only shop online, but also visit the store itself. Some people like to keep things simple and quick – shop online and have it delivered to their door. However, some people like to see rings in person and get a little help, so this is perfect for everyone’s needs.

They have some beautiful engagement rings, which are perfect for any lady – or man, if you’re thinking of popping the question to him! You can find those here.

However, if you’re not ready for the big propose just yet, they also have an amazing gift section, which caters for everyone and every occasion. A little gift to let them know what they mean to you can be just as special too.

Thank you to Pravins for working with me on this post. All opinions are my own, of course!


Lovely engagement story! I love reading posts like this

Such a cute story!! These rings are stunning!xx

Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk