Drift to sleep

How can sleep be so wonderful, but also so haunting all at the same time?

I can lay awake for hours each evening thinking about how much I would like to just get to sleep. I’ve come up with a few tips to help you out if you’re suffering too…


I remember the days when I would climb into my bed and as soon as my head hit the pillow I would be fast asleep. I wouldn’t wake again until my morning alarm rang, and even then it took me a while. I don’t think I even needed to be all that tired. Not quite sure what happened but it’s definitely no longer the case.

I can lay in bed for what feels like hours. Tossing and turning, the end result being a headache and stress levels so high that sleep is no longer remotely close to the radar.

When the guys at Drift got in touch and asked me to create a post all about sleep I jumped at the chance, because you see – I (kinda) have it figured out. Obviously, I would say that the first step is a comfortable mattress and I’ve heard good things about the Drift ones, you can check them out here. Also, you may notice a cute cuddly toy – this is Drift’s brand rep, so cute!

SO, I have made myself a routine that works. I like to call is the “Triple R” routine and it’s something I would love to share with any fellow troubled sleepers out there. The only thing you have to do? Stick to it.



Oh, books. In this day and age I feel we’ve all slightly forgotten what a book is. It’s much easier to scroll through social media on our phones and watch videos pre-bedtime but that does the opposite of a book. Our phones are a bright light shining in our face full of emotion-bearing tweets, stressful videos and it actually wakes us up, it will put your mind into over-drive. A book on the other hand – calming words and our own ‘head-voice’, which instantly relaxes us and slowly switches off our mind from thinking about day-to-day life. We can escape, and that my friends is the first step to a relaxing sleep.

Some of my most recent reads:

Sane New World – Ruby Wax | Guide For The Frazzled – Ruby Wax

Me Before You – Jojo Moyles | The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins

The Fault In Our Stars – John Green | The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks

A Million Little Pieces – James Frey


Sometimes routine is seen as a negative because let’s face it we would all love to roam around the world with no concept of time… but, yeah, as if. I think routine is actually perfect for getting a good kip. Whilst I do try and stick to a “bed time” I know first hand that this doesn’t always go to plan. However, you can easily create a routine that works for you and allows you to have some much needed down time before settling down for bed time!

For me routine this consists of a warm drink (I actually hate normal tea, but I’m sure there’s lots of you that love it. Chris enjoyed this cuppa when I was done photographing it!) A skincare routine is also a good way to feel ready to hit the pillow and I always feel super refreshed afterwards, it’s like my skin is ready to sleep! If I’m feeling in extra need I have a nice warm bubble bath – perfect for relaxation! Light a candle for an extra dose of relax!


Most of the time I go up to my bedroom straight after being on my laptop, my phone, watching tv and I never feel totally relaxed. Whereas, when I turn all of these devices off and sit in the silence of the room for a bit, I feel so much more relaxed and chilled out. It’s amazing what a technology detox can do, even when it’s for a few minutes!

If you don’t like total silence, like myself, it’s good to get a radio. You don’t need any screens (aka, no phone contact) and it’s actually nice to be a little ‘retro’ for a change. Plus, they look kinda good in your home too. However, if that’s a no-go, there’s plenty of relaxing soundtracks and motivational speeches on  good ol’ YouTube!


Thank you to Drift for working with me on this post!


I’m really struggling to sleep at the moment so this really helped me! Thank you! xx


I’ve been struggling a lot with sleep this year, mainly because I have a super loud kitchen above my head who don’t shut up till 2am, but I think a skincare routine would help me feel ready for med and not like I’m just forcing myself to sleep

The Quirky Queer

I love to read before bed, it’s so relaxing. I can’t wait to read you book suggestions!


I loved this post 🙂 I saw that you mentioned reading A Million Little Pieces, and I’ve never met another person who’s read it! I found it when I was about 7 years ago and the writing style was so interesting it’s stuck with me ever since! Thank you for the sleep tips, I’m a terrible sleeper so I’ll be giving the Triple R method a go 🙂