The day I lost my car

It was a shock to the system, I looked out the window and my car was gone…


Well, hello! Happy New Year!

It feels like a lifetime since I posted here and I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back into it! You see, before Christmas I had a little “episode”. I lost my car, aka the biggest thing I own and I even phoned the Police to report it stolen too. Except I had just parked it in a different place and totally forgot about it, somehow during the night I had managed to erase it entirely from my memory. That is when I knew I was stressed, tired and simply just needed a few *shudders* days off.

Because my work is also my passion the two can get blurred into one and sometimes I’ll find myself spending my Friday evening working, my Saturday working… and probably my Sunday too. Whilst I don’t mind because work for me is actually very enjoyable – I forget that my body (and mind) need a break. My busy lifestyle is governed by my job and everything else slots in-between all the little free spaces I decide to make for them, meaning that in reality – I don’t get much down time, at all. Again, I’m definitely not complaining but I just hadn’t quite realised how important it was to allow yourself to press the off button.

As it’s the New Year, I’m putting a new plan into place. More time for me, more time for fun and less time stressing. I thought it would be really nice and rewarding to list all the things I try my best to do when my life feels a bit too busy. I have been living by these tips since the day I “misplaced my car”… it helps me relax and feel like my life is more my own again.

So, here are my top tips for calming down a life on the go..

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This is the main tip I need to live by more. Scheduling jobs in can make such a difference! If you have work to do, deadlines to meet, parcels to send, dinner to prepare.. schedule in a time slot for them all within your day. Of course you do need to try and stick to the deadline time slots, so make sure they are realistic – 2 minutes for a post office run is never going to work… let’s face it! Go buy a wall planner, they are life savers and you’ll never look back!


If your life involves running around, constant heartburn not having time to eat – you, my dear, definitely need a lunch break!! This is the one thing I struggle with whilst working from home, I rarely let myself have a lunch break where I actually BREAK. 30 minutes out of your day won’t affect too much. Go sit on the sofa with some food, a drink and have some time out. You’ll even find that you’re more productive after a break too.


We all do it. We want to cope, all on our own. However, when people offer help, it’s good to be able to swallow your pride and accept it. Need a child-free afternoon for a bit of a break? Need someone to do your accounts? Need a hand with that flat-lay blog post? Just need a moan, but don’t want to feel like you’re moaning? Forget it. Accept, ask and appreciate help – it will make your week a lot more stress-free.

Get Moving

Again, this is one I probably need to life by more but… exercise is so good for your mind, not just your body! If like me you spend hours at a desk, you can feel tired and lack energy. A 30 minute run, or a trip to the gym will definitely help with this! Life on the go can sometimes just mean way too much time at a screen, and thats why it’s good to escape for a bit!

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I used to read, ALOT. I could finish a book in a few days, infact I probably kept most book shops in business. Then, life happened and I can’t remember the last time I got lost in words. However, things are changing and I’ve promised myself I’m reading more and I have to make time for it. Reading before bed instantly relaxes you, it stops you checking your phone and this means a better nights sleep. Definitely worth giving it a go.

Banish the Guilt

This is the hardest one for me – getting rid of self-provoked guilt. It’s definitely one of the worst emotions we can expose ourselves too. Guilt for not working or enjoying yourself is definitely not okay and instead try to turn it into something more positive. You need to have fun, don’t feel bad for it. I’m currently reading a few self-help books on this matter as it’s something that plagues me, so let me know in the comments if you want a more detailed post on it!

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This post is in conjunction with Rennie® but all thoughts (and tips!) are my own of course! Thank you for reading and thanks to Rennie for banishing the heartburn…


Love your photos on all posts but love the editing of these!!! Awesome blog xxx

Great tips!! I’d love a more detailed post on “banishing the guilt”:-))

Great read, and some useful tips too!

Much love,

I’m forever misplacing things for whatever reason. There have been countless times I’ve “lost” my glasses when really I’d pushed them o top of my head to keep my hair out of my face haha!
-Elen x

I can’t believe you lost your car, that would be so scary! Also love these tips. will definitely be trying to do more of these this year 🙂

Rachael xx.

I really struggle with taking time out for a lunch break when I’m working from home too! It’s so tempting to grab food and head straight back to my laptop. In the past few months I’ve been learning to read more again and it makes such a difference, especially in my sleeping pattern. Reading before I go to sleep makes my night much less disturbed than it used to be!

Steph –

Love these ideas – I’m actually taking up a few of these this year. Determined to get my life in order!!

Lucy x |