The Tiny Gift Guide

I know it seems like the world is covered in gift guides right now, but here’s my addition. I’m really enjoying a flat-lay recently…


When it comes to a pamper, I flamin’ well love it. A hot bath on a cold Winters evening, filled to the brim with bubbles. A candle flickering away, a good book (or a YouTube catchup, which happens a lot during everyone’s vlogmas uploads!) With my heated towel waiting for me, then I smother myself in amazing smelling goodies and my skin feels softer than ever. Even typing this is making me want to do exactly this. For me, pampering is everything and I love when I get a whole load of goodies for Christmas!

These Soap & Glory goodies are a really affordable Christmas gift for a pamper Princess and they do so many lovely gift sets! They’re not only a really good price but they work which is definitely important! For a high-street brand, I love everything they make – I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like their stuff. The scents are my favourite and my top product has to be the Hand Food, it’s the one hand cream that can turn my dry hands into soft, luxurious temples once more (err.. what?!) For more pamper treats, take a look below…


Now, this section is mostly for the health-lovers but also the pamper princesses, let’s just say it’s a nice mix of both! I find that anything to do with tea at the moment is a huge YES when it comes to gift ideas. Everyone loves tea (except me, ironically!) and it’s a really nice, personal gift to someone. My Dad for instance, a massive tea embracer – he likes to try anything a little different. This gift however is definitely more aimed towards the tea lovers that like it on their chops too, as it comes with an amazing face mask set. You can make the tea, mix up the mask and it’s basically a tea lovers dream scenario!

However, for those that actually do like, proper health, there’s the options below. A nice mix of gym gear, clothing, all the health tech you’d need and a few little extras thrown in, for those that are still learning – like me!


Now, firstly – these bath salts from Anthropologie smell SO GOOD. I want to save them forever, but they do definitely make my bath one hundred times better! They come in the cutest pouch too and everything just feels so earthy, which I just love.

We also have some Simply Argan products here, which I’m new too but loving so far. I recently went to a brunch with them and it was amazing to learn the back story – basically this oil is amazing for absolutely anything. Hair, face, hands – it can cure the dryest of the dry! Here I have the face cream which is perfect for someone that loves the idea of oils but needs a little introduction.

And plants. Sadly myself and Chris aren’t the best at keeping plants alive and brimming with health, but it’s definitely a lovely gift idea. Chris has recently revamped his office and I must admit, the plants make such a huge difference. They bring a positive vibe with them and if you buy ones that don’t need too much water… you should be fine.


These light up letters are my all time favourite and they would make the perfect gift, especially for someone a little internet savvy as they make the perfect instagram photo background! I have my blog name, but of course you can go for any word you like! Also perfect for a wedding day DIY..

There’s also the option of this beautiful Vanilla chai set, which smells divine.


When I was young, a camera was always top of my Christmas wish list. Luckily enough I had parents that appreciated my passion and they kindly gifted me one very often. Christmas for me was basically camera upgrade day! I think this is the perfect gift for someone that likes photography or uses camera for their job. Sure enough it’s more on the pricey side, but again – for a main present it’s worth noting!

And then if that’s a little steep, we have some Starwars fragrances for the more tech-savvy stocking fillers. I love these and the packaging is super cool, Chris was definitely excited by those and I’m pretty sure any Starwars fan will think you’re amazing!

If you have a Prosecco lover in the family, try these Sugar Sin sweets – they are addictive though, just a warning…


Makeup, the one thing that doesn’t ever seem that easy to buy for someone as a gift. However, with a few secret steps… you can nail it!

First thing first, keep an eye on the brands they use. If a girl is using a Urban Decay Naked palette, chances are they will appreciate any palette by the brand. You could almost call it a slight obsession…

Then, keep an eye on the colours she goes for. Never see her with a bright green eye? The don’t go for a brights palette, stick to neutral. It’s a pretty easy task, once you remember to notice…

Lastly, if the girl wears eyeliner… then a liquid eyeliner can never go wrong. Personally I’d go for the Kat Von D tattoo liner.. hint, hint.

Good bye and Good luck…


this is such a great idea! LOVE the Rituali Tea <3

Wow nice work on this post ! I love the products packaging, super photogenic !


I watch your vlog and I love it! I saw you describe your blog and think its great.

The aesthetic of this post is incredible! Love the color-themed idea! Also, lovely gifts! x

Gorgeous gift gift, love your photography!!! I’m just off to buy some prosecco gummies 🙂

Some of these would make great stocking fillers! x