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I’m all about cosy knitwear, especially when it involves all my favourite colours. Also, in this post I’m talking about being proud of yourself and why it’s okay…

X marks the spot

As soon as December hits us I am on the hunt for cosy, oversized knitwear. However, recently I noticed that said knitwear was mostly black, grey or cream – I seem to find it so easy to shop for monochrome clothing but this year I want colour… all of the colours. And that’s when this jumper happened. Say hello to the brightest, happiest Winter jumper I could find. It fills my heart with absolute joy.

This jumper is by Billabong, via ASOS. I used to love Billabong in my teenage years and this has rekindled my love, something about that logo got me all excited again! I actually found this little beauty on the Octer website. They got in touch recently and kindly offered me a voucher to spend. The amazing thing about this website is that if you search ‘knitwear’ for example, it will find loads of knitwear items from different websites. So instead of browsing 10 x websites, they’re all in one place. Easy peasy!

Next up are the most amazing boots. I feel super cool when I wear these! At first I was slightly afraid but I am trying to push my fashion boundaries and I can safely say I will be wearing them more often. Super comfy, a perfect colour to match with outfits and a slight heel which is flattering to your leg shape but also not too high. I want them in every colour.

I know for some, jeans are boring but if you’re anything like me and find jean shopping hard work, you might appreciate this paragraph! These are Joni jeans via Topshop, aka the perfect skinnies. I have a bum, I have hips and I have little ol’ short legs BUT I also really like high-waisted style jeans. (Basically, a recipe for disaster) So Joni jeans are my saviours and this dark denim are a new addition. You need to try them.

 Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email

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What this means to me

It’s always this time of year that makes me reflective. Recently I have been thinking a lot about how much Tiny Twisst means to me. Whilst on paper it’s a website and a YouTube channel to me it is a whole lot more. It’s a place for talking, advice, fashion, rants. It’s my public diary, it’s a record of my life.

I sometimes think about how one day my future children will be able to visit this little website and look back on all the posts, outfits and words I have jotted down and how I would love to be able to do that with my own parents. But, most of all I think about how I will be able to look back over my own life. Then, I do. I go back a few years and look at the outfits I have worn, my hair, how I was feeling, what I was going through at that moment in time and it really is so special to have that (and dangerous, it usually results in hair appointments!)

On a more serious note, one thing I do feel is proud. This little website is my most greatest achievement. I have never given up, I have stood outside in the snow, rain, my feet numb, just to make sure I have something to post. I have blogged through the good times and through the most awful of times, too.

However, it doesn’t always feel this way. I get sucked into a hole of self-doubt, self-comparison and I can get so low, I’m not sure what I’m doing or why I’m doing it anymore. With some people surrounding me growing so quickly, how can I compare? 100k subscribers in a week?! WHAT. HOW. WHY.

Then with a bump, I realise, it’s not always about numbers, it’s about you guys and me. Before this was my job, numbers never crossed my mind much. It was nice, but I’d much prefer 10 comments from people that love what I do. I preferred living in my own blogging bubble, never noticing people around me too much, but being proud of what I do, because I’m doing it for me.

So, what I’m saying here is… it’s really hard to be proud of yourself but it’s even harder to hold on to it. I have learnt that being proud of yourself is not measured by other people, it’s measured only by you. To be proud of yourself, you must not compare, not judge, but look deeper into your own achievements. The only person that can’t do any better than you, is yourself. So, if you’re doing good – better than yesterday, last week, last year – pat yourself on the back and be proud of yourself before you try to find someone else beating you at life.

And if all this is just far too deep for you, well I guess you could check out my new videos instead! I was actually quite proud of them both. I worked until 11pm on a Saturday night to make those fancy intros on the hair video, and they will probably go unnoticed BUT I did it. I worked it out. Then the vlog, I’ve been weekly vlogging for 15 weeks, and that in itself was something I didn’t think I’d manage to keep up! Yay for being proud.

If you’re feeling like it, you could also subscribe too 😉

Start loving yourself, for everything that you are


I love the last note on this post! I do fall in the trap of comparing myself to others but then I’m trying to remember it’s not a competition but actually a fight against oneself to get better each day! Beautifully written and photographed post as always!

I never really thought about my blog like you way you explained you feel about yours but you really made me appreciate the entire blogging experience and honestly, it’s true I do love looking back on my posts and thinking about everything that happened around that time.

These photos as well, I just have to say that it’s been so long since I’ve seen a blog with images that really inspire me but these do- I love them all!

These photos are wonderful! Love the location. And you should feel proud of yourself!

Incredible photos! I’ve been looking for a 90s style jumper for a while and this is perfect!

Lovely photos and such a fab knit to have in your wardrobe! xx

I feel that much of the time, people get bogged down by numbers. It’s hard not to, because you can so easily see them and compare your numbers to those of others. It’s all about the likes now and I think many people get consumed by that. Even non bloggers get consumed by it and how many likes they can get on Instagram. It can be very frustrating and hard to remember why you began doing what you’re doing in the first place. I think if you love what you do and have found happiness in it, then that’s what’s most important 🙂 I really loved the theme of this post.

Also, that jumper is so cute! I’ve been getting pretty bored of seeing neutral colored styles everywhere so this was refreshing.

Amazing photos, and those boots really are cool! You’re right about how important it is to feel proud of our achievements. It’s all too easy to get lost in what we haven’t done rather than celebrate what we have – I’m definitely guilty of this! x

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