Here Come The Nice

Sometimes the world just needs a little more, nice. Of course a pink jacket, denim dress and beret also help along the way…

The nice is no fool

Now, I’m not going to make out I have a huge knowledge of Politics because, well, I don’t. But I know that right now the world needs some nice, it all feels a little scary and dark (literally – hey Winter!) And I feel it’s my job to spread that happiness around like sweets, butterflies, rainbows.. everyone needs to be a little nicer.

Sometimes I find myself in such a rush, grabbing my coffee before I get on the train seems like a hassle but I still never disregard the person serving me. If a simple ‘thank you, have a good day’ can improve someones mood, why keep it to yourself for the sake of 3 seconds? An old man came and sat with me recently whilst I waited for my delayed train. The bad mood of commuters around me slowly sunk into my own mind, and I found myself hoping he didn’t want to talk to me. He sat down, commented on my ripped jeans, we spoke about fashion, politics (ot-oh) and actually, he cheered me up.

When bad things happen in the world we are the ones that can lift the mood. We have to live in this world, tolerate each other and whether you decide to bring sadness or happiness to it is all your own choice. That part doesn’t rely on any President, any Prime Minister or election. It’s all you.

Naturally (by starsign) I can be slightly pessimistic so it takes me a while to see the good. I feel that I have to work hard at seeing the positive side to a situation or person. However, once I’m over that barrier, the reward I get from it is much more satisfying and I urge you do to the same, as much as possible. Light up the world, rather than turn it off.

For some tips and the fashion talk, read on…

Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email


Saying thank you takes seconds and minimal effort. If someone doesn’t say thank you, please, it decreases my mood instantly and makes me feel like I could turn green and grow muscles (aka Hulk) Even if you’re in a rush, you’re busy, stressed, sad… there’s no excuse. Don’t you agree?


I think a key problem in our every day lives is that we can forget how to be happy. Simple things can be overlooked and instead we focus on the insignificant – work, being bored and so on. Instead, be happy about the chocolate in your fridge, the cinema trip on the weekend, loved ones.


Just like the little old man I spoke to at the train station.. he gave me some time, so I gave mine back. Taking some time to talk to people that might need it can help someone like you wouldn’t believe. Obviously I’m not telling you to talk to every stranger you meet.. but you’ll know.

Outfit details

And the outfit, of course. This Missguided coat inspired the shoot – the trees were full of Autumn shades and I felt it suited it so well. A long coat like this can sometimes look like a dressing gown but when paired with a dress, cotton tights and boots I find it softens the look and minimises the bedtime vibe.

The denim dress is a little ASOS beauty and one I have gotten so much wear out of recently. I love smock dresses, perfect for an oversized feel and if you’re going for a big lunch (roomy!) I love pairing dresses like this with tights and boots, just to give it a little edgy vibe.

Details wise, the glasses are most definitely for vision, for I am as blind as a bat. But, if you’ve got to do it, might as well do it right! These London Retro Bromley beauties are a current favourite of mine. They scream trendy but without being pretentious, which is what I’m all about. The hat, you might remember from this post, is an Anthropologie number and an absolute babe – if it was a human, that is.

& the links…

Not that I’m wishing to enhance that shoppping habit of yours, but hey – if you can’t beat ’em, join them! (Basically, if I have to be a shopaholic, so do you!)





Glasses (in honey)


‘You will never regret being nice’

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day! 😉


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This post is so beautiful! Yes the autumn leaves and nature background is very suiting for this look!
Diana |

Wow! This seems like a dream way to kick off a holiday.

Lovely photos as always, cute look!

Much love,

Girl, your pictures are always SO stunning! Absolutely love that pink coat on you, looking stunning!

Hayley xo

It’s always nice to be nice! Whatever shop I’m in, I always tell the assistant that serves me to have a nice day. Likewise, when I serve someone and they say something lovely it totally cheers me up too!

super cute post – love what you have shared


Couldn’t agree with you more! Wonderful photography as always!

Wow, what stunning photos!!!! And the coat is gorgeous, I love it. I agree, we are the ones who can control our mood and one thing we’ve got to remember is that without the darkness, you’d never be able to see the stars <3

Gemma x
The Gem Agenda – A UK Lifestyle Blog

These photos are stunning! I couldn’t agree more sometimes I feel like we need little more nice in the world, I always ensure I say thank you, wish someone a good day, smile if I catch their eye and even say bless you with a sneeze because sometimes little gestures can really improve someones day! and we all deserve niceness in our days

We do need a little bit of nice in our world at the moment. Scary to think that the greatest county on Earth is now on the hands of a buffoon. I absolutely love this outfit btw, that beret and pink coat makes all the difference. 🙂 x

Beautiful photos and beautiful words from a beautiful young lady, I love you my darling daughter xxxx