Diamond White Teeth

Looking after your teeth is incredibly important, and even more fun with a pink toothbrush…

Pearly White

A few years back on my annual trip to the Dentist, I was stunned to find out my gums had receded. Not only had I never been told about this previously but I had no idea this could even happen. I have always looked after my teeth and I thought that brushing them super hard would make them cleaner and healthier – when in fact that’s not the case at all.

I was always a bit against electric toothbrushes before this Dentist appointment. Even though my family, friends and boyfriend told me how much better they were and how fresher you felt after using one. I was a manual girl all the way… until I was told that my manual toothbrush was destroying my gums. That same day, I ordered my first electric toothbrush and yeah, they were right… electrical fantastical (I tried to make that rhyme, so please read it with an accent so it works…)

So, a few years later I have a new upgrade and let me tell you, it is amazing. This is the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean and I’m in a toothbrush induced heaven. Firstly, it’s baby pink so of course it’s already in my good books.. but, this toothbrush also has some amazing features and I’m here to tell you some of them. On a looks basis, it is very, very pretty. It makes my bathroom 5 times better looking (it does!) and it even comes with a portable pink case, which makes travelling a little more fun too.

If you’re here for more, then carry on reading.. this beauty has some hidden gems you may love.

Looking after, you

If like me, you’re really keen to look after your teeth and gums to help avoid any dentristy treatment, you may like this toothbrush. It is proven to remove up to 7x more plaque vs a manual toothbrush and it improves your gum health in just 2 weeks, which for me is a huge selling point. I had a pang of dread when I was told my gums weren’t doing their best and I thought it was all about prevention. However, to be able to use something that will improve my gum health in such a short space of time is incredibly amazing and equally important. This toothbrush has a 2 year warranty too and a 28 days money back guarantee, so if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

I find it amazing that only 25% of people us an electric toothbrush vs a manual. I can safely say after going electric, I could never return to manual. This has an amazing 62,000 brush movements a minute, which is definitely something you would struggle to compete with when using your own hands to brush manually!

Not only this, this little baby will give you whiter teeth in just one week. Perfect if you’re after some pearly whites.

The toothbrush has 5 brush modes which makes it perfect for everyone. I use each and every one myself, it just depends on my mood..


The standard mode for a whole mouth clean


Removes surface stains to whiten teeth


Brightens and polishes teeth to bring out their natural brilliance

Gum Care

Gently stimulates and massages gums


An extra-gentle mode for sensitive teeth and gums

Hey, good looking

Obviously, this toothbrush has amazing functions and results – it works. But I’m incredibly fond of the little additions it has too. First up is the charging glass. I had to try this out myself to make sure it was correct but yes, it charges in a glass! All you have to do is insert the glass onto a little stand that plugs in, throw in the toothbrush and it naturally starts charging. Stunned and amazed, it looks super cute charging on my bedside table and I love to keep my toothbrush in the glass on the side of my sink too.

I had mine engraved too, which is a free service in selected Boots Beauty Emporium stores if you pick up the toothbrush! You can see my live video of the process over on my Facebook page and check out more details on the free service and stores here.

Overall, this toothbrush has a super pretty and sleek design. It’s simple, easy to use and definitely isn’t a bathroom eyesore.

This is a sponsored post with Philips Sonicare, however all views and opinions are of course my own. I have trailed and tested this product and I do love some pink! Check out the range and other colour options here!


I love the look of this toothbrush, so pretty!! Lovely post, the photos are gorgeous!! x

What a cute toothbrush! I’ve actually seen a few really pretty toothbrushes recently and it’s not something I ever thought I’d look at because of how lovely they look! I love the idea of the engraved glass too!