Sunflower Skies

Give me a retro pinafore dress, seventies shades, some brown platforms and I’ll always be a happy girl. Throw a wild sunflower field into the mix? Well, thats even better…

The Art of Knowing

Oh, hey September. Whilst most people are looking forward to the Autumn months, I’m still clinging on to a few more weeks of sunshine and warmer weather. Currently I’m wearing socks for the first time in few months though, so perhaps I am just being mighty hopeful? Before I put the heating back on and get my fluffy blanket out of hibernation, here’s a pretty transitional dress and an amazing wild Sunflower patch we spotted on a random drive through the country, I love England for that.

I’m super lucky with where I live. I can get into London within the hour and I can also drive for an hour and be in the middle of nowhere. We have forests, beaches, fields and little hidden locations that grow sunflowers and beautiful trees. I never really appreciated it fully until Chris and I would drive to find photo locations every weekend – I just love shooting in the great outdoors.

This dress is the perfect Summer into Autumn colours and pattern. I love gingham, but even more so when it’s navy and cream. It has a super cute country/fifties pinafore feel to it and is super flattering to wear – I didn’t even wear a bra – freedom! If it gets a bit chilly it also looks super on trend with a denim shirt, I like to call this boyfriend-chic, because it’s basically a shirt a boy would wear & works so much better on a girl!

I can’t skip past these shoes either, hel-lo wedge-heaven. These are my new faves because they literally go with my whole wardrobe. Brown wedges are Saints from above, the icing on the cake, the washing up liquid to the bowl.. etc. On the other hand, I wouldn’t say they were easy to walk in but then I was climbing over mud-hills and through stinging nettles, so you know.. each to their own.

Photography –

I’m wearing…

Wow, I’m old.

So, don’t moan at me – the title is a little tongue in cheek. I wanted to chat about getting older, realising a few things and waking up to realise “wow, I’m an adult now”. I’m not even 30 yet but it hit me recently and I thought it would make a nice little inspirational segment of the post, for those feeling my vibe. I now enjoy things I always thought older people enjoyed, coffee gets me excited and instead of spending my money on clothes for myself, I like to purchase coffee machines and cameras. But, I like it, I really do. If you’re a spring chicken then congratulations, you have all this to come. So, get comfy, grab a coffee, let’s do a little Tiny Talk

Daily chats

Remember how when you’re young, hanging out with adults was SO boring?! Why do they just drink coffee and chat about life all day? Er.. I’m at that age now where it’s one of my favourite past times. Give me a coffee and an adult conversation and my day is made!

Chore Saver

Going out for dinner used to be just for fun, for good food. Now, it’s a replacement for me. It means I don’t have to cook dinner, I don’t have to do a food shop and I don’t really have to think. Not having to think is always a good one. So thanks restaurants for saving me a chore…

Friends? What friends…

I’m happy with a small handful of friends. However, it used to be super important to be the popular girl at School and it was stressful being ‘unpopular’. But, you hit a certain age and realise it’s all a load of you know what. Nowadays, five good friends is always better than fifty crap ones.

Down with the Lingo

You say the word “nowadays” and it feels okay, but the word “bae” feels like absolute poison.

Banter, what?

You’re not sure if younger people really understand your jokes anymore and the word banter makes you cringe a little..

Wise ol’ bird

On the upside, age is on your side and you can pretend you’re wise – even when you’re really not.

Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.

If you’re a blogger looking for some cool photos, Chris is looking to shoot some portraits! Just get in touch and send him an email to arrange something cool.


That is such a gorgeous location and such a pretty dress. The imagery on your blog is stunning x

I can fully relate to this post.
I’ve recently flown the nest and I’m now living with my boyfriend, hello bills, goodbye money. Took me a while to adjust and oh my word I can now truly appreciate everything my parents have done for me while I was living with them.
I’m 25 and like you (from watching your vlogs) would rather sit in than go out for a night on the town, although I do recommend a little boogey from time to time as it’s definitely good to let go and just enjoy yourself. I feel that can be a good stress reliever too (relating this back to your most recent blog).
Love your blog and YouTube channel. More household videos would be great. Anything to do with household, I am now officially obsessed.

Such a cute dress! I agree, wedges are super comfy and give you height!
Aleeha xXx

Obsessed with the pattern on your dress and love how you wore a chambray over it!

Pictures are so stunning and full of late summer vibes and the dress is gorgeous!

Fashion Dew // Bloglovin’

These photos are breathtaking! You look beautiful as well – I love the pinafore dress! x

Kate Louise Blogs

Beautiful blog post, the photographs and location is stunning x

I’m not that old either (only 22), but lately I’ve been having these, “holy crap, I’m an adult” thoughts. I mean, I’m getting married next year, I graduated from college and just yesterday I bought a car. Wow. Adulting. Who knew I could even do it! Hahah 🙂 It still weirds me out a little though when teenagers and kids call me ma’am.

I haven’t visited your blog in ages and what a little treat its been to see how much has changed! You look absolutely breathtaking, love <3 <3 <3 Dare I say what a bae—I kid, I kid I won't let such poison leave my lips again haha

She Will Be

Loved reading this post, I’ve only recently started following your blog but I always love coming back xx

Can you just stop! You are insane girlie! SO beautiful, so real and just bladdy awesome! These shots are insane xo

oh my god, this post is giving me life. It’s BEYOND beautiful. absolutely love it – and your dress! xx

What a beautiful post and pictures, I love the shoes!