Sitting On The Dock

This has to be my favourite outfit of the year so far. A slight Parisian twist on the Autumn transition with a bold pop of yellow.. yeah, yellow – you heard me correctly…

Watching the ships roll in

Oh hey yellow culottes, after the initial shock of realising I had picked a piece of clothing of such colour, I fell in love. These Anthropologie trousers for me are dreamy. Believe it or not, this colour is actually very easy to pair up – I went for blue tones but they would work with black, browns, pinks, whites… you name it, it probably looks amazing.

Culottes for me are super comfortable. As someone that sometimes struggles with the whole “super skinny trouser” trend, I like something a little more flattering for my figure and I’ve found that these little dreamboats (ha, pun intended) work a treat. They are baggy enough for them to be intentional and it means I can wear a slightly more fitted top if I so wish, without being self conscious. I wore mine with heels which I do find more flattering but if you pop on some fancy trainers you instantly have that cool Scandinavian look.

Now, the show stopper here has to be this long denim jacket. With an insanely cool seventies twist, it’s perfect for the transitional season and I’m already picturing so many outfits I can sport this alongside. This is the type of jacket that makes a statement all on it’s own (…not worn on it’s own, thats a whole different statement!) I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of this little number – I already can’t wait to wear it again.

Last up, this tie-dye silk blouse. Dreamy to wear, dreamy to pair up and adds a very dreamy statement to an outfit. It has a slight oversized peplum shape to it which makes it extremely comfortable and flattering on pretty much any body shape. I wore this outfit with a very Parisian beret, which by the way is already my Autumn hat of choice, and a very cute clutch bag.. perfect for days when you don’t fancy carrying too much junk.

Photography – Chris Bradshaw | Email

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Outfit confidence is something that I’ve struggled with as I’ve gotten older, believe it or not. Back in my “younger years” I would wear whatever I liked and not given those staring a second thought. Push forward a good few years and I have been known to have multiple outfit choices and always found myself sticking to the safe option. I couldn’t wear that hat incase people stared, those jeans were too different, heels too high.. you name it, I had an excuse for it. But, I’ve realised recently that you only live once and fashion is actually fun. We are a blank canvas and outfits are simply our paint (I just made that quote up, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did..)

So if fashion is for fun, how do we make ourselves embrace it and wear it with confidence? Well, of course, Tiny Tips has the answers…

“But, they stare”

People can stare because they like what they see, it’s not all bad. I always associate people looking at me with bad connotations – I look silly, they’re wondering whether I have a mirror at home, and so on. But, then I realised.. sometimes I find myself looking at people because I like their style, I want to own that outfit.. put yourself into this mind set and it’s not all that bad. Perhaps they’re looking because they want that jacket of yours.

“My body shape is hard to dress”

Research is key. If you’re unsure on what suits you and your body type.. do some research. First up google your body shape and read some articles on the best outfit styles and shapes for you. Next, I find Pinterest an amazing place to get outfit inspiration and it’s also good to find some bloggers with the same body shape as you because lets face it, with constant uploads and Instagrams, you’ll always be okay for inspo!

“I’m scared of my style”

Being honest with yourself can be a tricky one, but if you like something in a shop, you like it because it’s a bit of you. Being you is something no one else can do, so if you want to rock a fedora and sun dress in the middle of Winter, just go for it. Being unique isn’t a bad thing, embrace it and follow your style without giving anyone else a second thought. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Ooze with confidence, not doubt!

“I don’t suit trends”

You don’t have to be a follower. Blogging for me has sometimes been tricky. Whilst I love on-trend blogs, I find that I have to take inspiration rather than buy the entire outfit. I can’t always do “on-trend” and that’s actually fine. I have a petite but curvy figure and as much as I’d love to rock a skin-tight midi, it’s just not great for me. So instead I’ll rock a flare midi, because that does work. It’s really okay to dress for you, not for fashion.

‘No one is you, and that is your power’

Thank you to Anthropologie for working with me on this blog post. I always feel honoured to be able to work with brands I love and this collaboration was dreamy!


Beautiful pictures!

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Lovely outfit and you have beautiful eyes!
Aleeha xXx

You look absolutely amazing…
The photograph is insane…
Great post

beautiful pictures and you are gorgeous!!

All the pictures are beautiful ❤

-Lily Kanaya

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Omg I love this outfit and these pictures! You look so gorgeous x

your blog is just my favourite to just look through for ages. i love it.

I love this post! I feel like I can relate to you in so many ways. You are an inspiration! Thank you so much for posting

What a stunning post! Loved the photos!

Your photos are insane! What a lovely post x
Morgan |

This is the epitome of a Parisienne look! I love it. <3

Loved this post! Your outfit and photograph is great. I’m the same sometimes I scared to wear certain outfits worried what others will think! But there is no point in doing that. As you said fashion is fun! xx

You look gorgeous! Love the little personal style and confidence tips too – you definitely rock the mustard yellow! x

Always, Alice

Another beautiful blog post with fantastic photos xx