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Todays post features a pretty white dress and some self-doubt help. It would be a shame to miss it…

Babe it’s a fine line

Recently, it hit me. I let someone I don’t know make me feel bad about myself.

I allowed myself to feel inadequate because someone I don’t know sent me their negative vibes of dislike. They came charging at me like a herd of Bulls. Angry, ugly, selfish Bulls. It was only recently when things hit rock bottom for me that I realised I was being really silly & it needed to stop. Immediately.

Now, I’ve not always been the most confident of girls. I struggled with extreme shyness throughout my younger years and sometimes still do. I can be insecure, unsure of myself.. but now that I’m in my later twenties (typing that was painful) I find it a lot easier to accept myself and try to love myself, because god knows I’ll only get one me… and I’m not letting myself regret any self-doubt when I’m 70 (shudder)

However, since being old and wise (barf) I have come to realise that it is actually other people that inject self doubt into me, and whilst I’m over here projecting self love, it can also be really bloody hard. If I feel that someone is irritated by me, might not like me.. I start to feel the same way about myself too. It’s only when I step back and let myself get back into my own frame of mind I realise, these people are toxic for me.

Not everyone is going to like you. Not everyone will find you funny or appreciate your kindness. It’s taken me a long time to realise that this isn’t a personal insult to you, or me – it’s just life. If someone isn’t good for you, they’ll be good for someone else. You can’t constantly change yourself for others you just need to change the company you’re in. You need to find the good, step back from the bad and accept that this is okay. You will be okay.

Photography –

The Outfit

This outfit, well, where do I start. I love the dungaree trend, but with being a long-bodied girl, I find it tough to achieve the right look and most importantly, fit. So here comes the dungaree dress, solving all my problems.

This white dress is a wardrobe staple and it can be worn a number of ways, which you guys know is how I like things to roll! Here I went for the brave option, and let me tell you.. many ducks saw me’ boobs!

However, I also like to wear this with a little bandeau top underneath or a quirky t-shirt for a more casual ‘do. The shape is super flattering, pulling in at the waist and out at the hips. I even think it has a slight fifties feel and I like it.

I paired the dress with some simple gold sandals and a nude lipgloss. Kept it simple, you see. I love the slightly understated look at times and felt that this dress spoke for itself, without me having to do any talking.

I have to say guys, I am really enjoying blogging recently. Taking these photos with Chris is an escape for me and this day was one of my favourites. We took an hour out of our weekend getaway and just got to hang out in the forest. I had some bread in my pocket for the ducks and it was nice. Real nice.

I’m also starting up weekly vlogs on my YouTube channel, so you’ll be able to come along on little outings like this. Make sure you subscribe.. for those!

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‘The hardest step she ever took,

Was to blindly trust in who she was.’


Beautifu, inspiring and gorgeous photography!!!

This is so, so beautiful! You beautiful thang you! Just like you’ve said, I was mega shy as a kid. To be fair, even up to the age of about 14. Since deciding to not take other people’s opinions so seriously, I’ve been able to come out of my shell so much more 🙂 It’s hard to do though and a long road to get there! x

So beautiful, and so well said. It can feel really nasty to suddenly read a nasty comment / remark, feels like a really personal attack and something you can’t shake off easily. People can be bladdy mean, but you are so right, not everyone is going to like you – although that is hard to accept, it’s just one of those tings. I LOVE your dress as well, you look amaze! Immy x

I love this post, your outfit is so lovely. Can’t wait to watch your weekly vlogs xx

Everything looks so magical! I love the dress! White is my go to color during the summer!

absolutely love this post, the dungaree dress is perfect! why have i never thought of this before? i love that you shared some inspiration on not letting others get you down. this is why i enjoy coming back to your blog so much.

Probably the best fashion blog in the world

Oh my God you are so beautiful!! This post is amazing. I am so sorry you let others fill you with self doubt. It is such a hard thing to overcome, but is so liberating once you do not let other opinions influence how you feel about your self. This is something I try to instill in my son. Be yourself, and you my love, are lovely!

xx, Elise

This is such a pretty outfit and such a positive post. Also love the overall vibe of the photography!

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

Absolutely beautiful photography xx

So beautiful! Love this magical/fairytale look!
-Kate //