Travel is something I really want to write about more and more, I love visiting different places and most of all? Cities…


So today we have a little flash back. You may remember this post from when I visited the wonderful Rome. Recently, the lovely lot at Matalan got in touch and asked if I’d like to write about City travel tips on their blog (read here) and I jumped at the chance. This is mostly because Rome was the first City outside of London I had visited on a holiday and I must admit, I found packing tough! I thought it would be nice to pop some of that info on my own blog too, just so you guys have double the tips. I wish I had them before I went, for sure!

So for me, Rome was all about comfort. As you can see by my outfit – jeans, leather jacket and my trusty converse were must haves and I lived in them for our entire stay! We visited in January so the weather was warm with a chill, so I would advise anyone travelling in Winter months to take some cosy jumpers or hoodies. A leather jacket was a good addition, although sometimes I just wanted something that would give me a hug instead… I hope you know what I mean there!

Obviously bag is an important part of your packing routine too.. I opted for a rucksack! I did take a few bags but I mostly used my trusty studded backpack just for ease and to keep my shoulders feeling good – One strap bags cause me so much pain and aggro at times, ha!

So let’s get in with the City break tips and some more photos of the beautiful Rome, what I would do to be there right now! So much history and a little dusting of sunshine, which is more than I can say for England right now…

Photography –


Pack light. It saves hassle when you arrive and when you get home. Take only the essentials.


Comfort first. Put the stilettos away! If you’re planning on a sight-seeing heavy holiday, comfy shoes are key.


Skin Protection. It still gets sunny in the city, protect that valuable skin of yours and take some SPF!


Bag it up. You want hassle free, easily accessible bags – backpacks and rucksacks are well advised.


Plan well. Make sure you plan where you want to go & know your public transport routes to each destination!


Prepare for rain. It might rain, let’s face it! I find rain macs super handy but umbrellas work too!


Be aware. Pick pockets will always target tourists first, so be aware of your personal space and belongings!


Portable battery chargers save my life time after time, and especially when abroad – using maps eats up that battery life!


Plasters. It’s important you look after those well-used feet, if like me you’re blister prone – be prepared.


Dry Shampoo. City life takes it’s toll on that freshly washed hair, so pop some dry-shampers in your case, you’ll thank me.

Thank you to Matalan for working with me on this post! To read my article over on their blog, click here!


Congratulations on your new writing project 🙂 I love your post writing style! Thank you for the travel tips!

Yes, the more I travel, the more I am learning the importance of packing light. I am loving these images.

Wow this is seriously stunning photography! Your blog is really well done and I am obsessed with all of the pictures here! Thanks for sharing!
xx Annie

Love your photos! Interesting read also 🙂

Much love,
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I’m very much think ‘comfort over everything’ when it comes to city breaks, especially if you’re going to be spending your days exploring. I once made the mistake of wearing uncomfortable shoes.. NEVER again lol X

Great tips, thanks for sharing and your photography is beautiful! 🙂

I love your tips! Rome has got be #1 on my bucket list at the moment. x

Great travel tips! You are so right about the comfy shoes. I learned how important comfy shoes are when I went to Italy last year.

I loved reading your tips. I unfortunately don’t get to travel around very often, but when I do, I make sure that everything is in order, and that I’ve packed spare batteries and memory cards. These photos are absolutely beautiful as well!!

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