Sometimes we need to take five minutes to open our eyes and see the potential in the world, for it is beautiful and we are free…

The whole world

If you follow me on instagram you would have most likely (although who knows nowadays #AlgorithmProbs) seen my little English holiday photos. We stayed in the most amazing little cabin, surrounded by sheep. So many of you guys asked to know more details, where it was and how to book.. so if you’re here for that, keep scrollin’, scrollin’, scrollin’…

Dungarees. A piece of clothing I love but have many troubles wearing. This is mostly down to my long body (oh the woes) and I have a similar problem when trying to style jumpsuits and swimsuits. My body does not like ‘all in ones’ and usually the outcome is not pretty. However, I have been on the hunt for some dungarees for a while now and I came across these fancy ASOS ones, perfect for my long-bodied self and they fit all my needs, yay! I like the fact they’re black rather than denim as I tend to wear a lot of black and to be honest… they fit in well with my monochrome wardrobe!

So, grabbing my new dungarees and I paired it with a slightly more delicate lace blouse and love the outcome. This Boden top has already been such a good staple for my Summer wardrobe, it literally goes with anything! A beautifully crisp white, covered in a floral lace detailing and sleeves perfect for any weather conditions. I love how it looks under these rocky dungarees, match made in heaven, one might say.

Then we have the sandals, these little Primark finds have been with me for years now and I can always rely on them. I love the buckle detailing and the straps add a edgy feel. I was being a country girl here, so no lipstick and very natural makeup. To be honest, I was at one with nature and even getting dressed was a chore! A break was in need and that’s the inspiration behind today’s post…

Photography –

The perfect hideaway…

As promised, some info on the amazing little cabin we stayed at a few weeks ago. This little beauty is something we came across online and just had to book, look at it! It’s in Coniston, a beautiful town in Cumbria, Lake District. The cabin started it’s life as a derelict shed, and it’s been transformed into the most amazing ‘instagram’ worthy cabin I’ve ever stayed in. If you’re after countryside, sheep and beautiful long walks.. you will absolutely, one hundred percent, love this place.

When we pulled up, I was actually like an excited child. Opening the doors we could see the bed was up a ladder and it reminded me of a grown-up treehouse (minus the fact it’s not in a tree!) Living in a town and regular trips into the City make me crave quiet, green and space – this place had it all. Whilst I fear you guys might think this is sponsored (it’s not!) because of the love I have for this place, I think that just shows the lovely time we had here. Minus the rain, it was just perfect.

Turning off my laptop, putting away my phone and having TV free evenings were what this trip was about. So anyway, I told you guys I’d leave details, links and all the information here so, here you go! The cabin itself is called Peasecroft and you can find all information on it here. We booked through this website which was easy and straight forward. The service from the cabin owners was amazing (including a bottle of wine!) and the sheep kept us company for the entire week, which I loved, baaaa!

Rest & Relaxation…

When you spend your life at a computer, evenings on a phone, morning at a TV… you forget about living your actual life. It is SO easy to live a life online and forget to go out, see friends, enjoy yourself. Sometimes I sit at my desk and wonder when the last time I had a good time, away from a computer, was. I’m aware that sounds pretty morbid and whilst I’m actually very happy with my job as a blogger, it can consume me, just like most careers can and before I know it… it’s Friday night and I’m working.. again. *ahem*

Work to me is fun because I love my job, I love every thing about it which makes me very lucky – but it is still work and it’s still my job. I know I need a day off but I feel GUILTY when I step away from it all, and I can’t really remember the last time I had some me time. Is this the world we now live in? Are we all just afraid of time off or afraid we’re missing out?

Social media have changed my life completely. I lived a portion of my life without computers, iphones and ipads – I remember the first time we ever got the internet and I had 1 minute to browse the Pokemon website. I still remember that noise the dial-up connection made. I do sometimes wish I could see what my life would be like without it all, even just for a few minutes.

SO. Here I present my idea to you all. This evening, today, whenever you’re reading this.. go take a few hours for you. Fancy watching some Netflix (PLL yes please) want a little ASOS browse? Cool, do it. If you’re in need of some technology-free time, go to the park, to the beach. A walk can definitely clear those lungs, clear your mind and make you feel, well.. flamin’ alive again.

We all spend way too much time working, stressed out, looking at screens. I definitely know that I feel like I’m missing out on the world. I’m missing out on so much because I might miss out on something online – the importance levels don’t even match up, yet I find myself typing it. How on earth has my online world found itself matching the importance of my offline one?

For me, the week away I mentioned above was for a rest. Some fresh air, down time, internet free zone. Whilst I’ll admit I still checked social media and replied to a few emails, it was definitely a lot less than I would usually. I felt refreshed, free and healthy. I felt like me again.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve found myself sitting on the sofa some evenings without a trace of worry about what’s happening on Twitter.. and I really enjoy it. I really enjoy living a balanced online and offline life, I don’t think I can give either up.

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“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharlal Nehru


I love your posts, they are so inspiring, down to earth and easy reading. Love them!

Truly beautiful images, I always look forward to reading your blog posts 🙂

Such a beautiful place!
Thanks for the inspiration darling. Your photography it always amazes me.
Much love,

This post is so beautiful! TV free nights? Sounds so wonderful; i bet there was a sense of peace not being so consumed by technology for a while. Love the dungarees and it’s so awesome you found some that work for you! love that you paired with the lace. Amazing photos as always xx

such a great outfit! plus it is always good to go away from civilization (not in a too drastic way!)
xx from italy
Cate ღ kate/

Such pretty pictures! Looks like a relaxing time!
-Kate //

What a beautiful and serene spot! I agree with you that people can get sucked into work and forget to take time for themselves. I haven’t gone on a real vacation in about four years, but next year I’ll be going to Scotland for my honeymoon and I’m so excited! It’s definitely going to be an unplugged time for me 🙂

the cabin looks perfect and i love little internet breaks and combining that with a trip somewhere else is just amazing.