Pretty pink rose

When you feel like you have two dreams strapped to your feet, you know you’ve found the right shoes for you…

We’re living for you

This week’s post is brought to you from a sunny cornfield and lots of pretty pinkness! I actually adore this outfit and am so happy it all came together. I literally picked it out of my wardrobe the evening before these photos were taken, without trying them on and I have to say, the pinks work perfectly together – I love a load of pinks.

I have definitely been enjoying wearing pink a lot more recently and you guys might remember these beautiful ASOS shoes, velvet, pink, wedges – basically dreams on my feet! These heels also make your pins look so much longer, although not sure they’re made to be walked through cornfields – but as a blogger.. I’ll test and try these things. Sadly I can’t locate the pink on the website anymore but I know these heels are popular so keep checking back! They do come in white though, so you can find the direct link to those below, as always!

Next up is this beautifully feminine floral dress from the Ariana Grande Lipsy collection. I was hesitant at first, as I thought this might be a little short (thanks extra long body) but it’s actually fine. I’d wear this during the day with casual sandals or for a more special event such as a wedding with fancy heels. The best thing about this dress is the shape, it’s super flattering. It pinches in at the waist and flows out nicely over the hips, which is always my favourite style.

Lastly, as you guys know, I like to inject some Tiny Tips into my blog posts and I thought what better time to talk about how to wear colour. Colour is sometimes pretty daunting and if like me, you find it a lot easier to stick to a monochrome outfit (guilty as charged) but love pink and that pop of colour, it can seem like a whole new minefield! Have no fear you lovely lot, I’m here to help you beat the blues and wear the reds…

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Wearing Colour

Like I mentioned above, wearing colour can sometimes be daunting if it’s something new for you. But have no fear, Tiny Tips is here…

Be Brave, Be Confident

The thing about fashion is sometimes you just have to rock it. If you believe you look good and you therefore make yourself feel good – well, what can go wrong?! Ooze confidence and everyone will feel the same way about you. Sometimes being brave can seem scary, but once you’re there you’ll never look back.

Pick colours that suit your skin-tone

So admittedly, we can’t all pull on neon green. If that person is you, don’t even try it. Due to my pale complexion sometimes paler shades can wash me out, so I tend to avoid those. Experiment and try on different colours and you’ll definitely be able to tell which shades you look amazing in, and those are the ones to stick with!

Start Small

Just because we’re trying out colour in our outfit, that definitely doesn’t mean you have to don a completely rainbow suit. Sometimes, little is more. This is definitely a tip for those that feel slightly more nervous, by adding simple and small additions of colour you can brighten up your outfits gradually. For instance, try adding a scarf or bag into the mix and see how you get on!

Experiment with Tones

My favourite thing about wearing colour is that I can experiment with tones of the same shade, like this outfit today! This is definitely something I have picked up whilst wedding planning – using different tones can make something a lot more subtle but keeps it vibrant and fresh. It’s okay to put different pinks together, mix blues and denims – don’t be afraid to test new things. Wearing colour should be fun and enjoyable!

Introduce Patterns

Sometimes a coloured pattern can seem less daunting and look a lot more subtle, so if you’re still feeling nervous perhaps try this out instead.

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Gorgeous, just gorgeous. This dress and these pictures are just gorgeous! X

Your photos are amazing! I love your posts and your tips are so good! xx

I’m loving the pink in this outfit, it is so pretty. Great tips, I really need to have more confidence in my outfit choices.

Those photos and the location are just amazing!! Soooo in love with your gorgeous dress! I guess pink is just the perfect colour for you!!

How beautiful! The pictures are stunning!

Loved the pictures, especially the close up shots! So elegant 🙂

I love your pictures sooo much, they are lovely! 🙂


pink is my perfect pop of colour as i wear mostly black.

I’m obsessed with pink at the moment and this post is so satisfying to scroll through. A great pink head to toe outfit, Laura!