Silky dress of dreams? Tan bag sent from heaven? Tick and tick, come see more…

From the earth

This blog post is brought to you alongside one of my absolute favourite brands, Anthropologie. I have browsed the website, swooned over the bohemian styling and adored the home items for way too long and it was a dream to create this blog post with them. I love being a blogger.

So, instantly I knew what type of blog photos I wanted us to create. Luckily enough Chris & I were visiting family in Brighton at just the right time and we took a trip to Devils Dyke. With hills, daisy fields and a very gusty ol’ breeze, the outcome is here and I must admit, this dress was a dream.

The pattern on this dress instantly caught my eye. Slightly paisley mixed with a funky boho vibe and hints of colour, I knew it was for me. I was slightly concerned about the silky material being clingy but hell no – this was a dream to wear and it breezed over the curves like a true professional. The best thing? Adjustable straps, so I can wear this low and high as I please and that’s nice.

I opted for a tan theme once I spotted this dress and now let me introduce to you my new favourite and already very well worn bag. Easy to use (I hate fussy bags) the perfect size and colour, and exactly the right amount of vintage about it. I then picked out these cute rope detail shoes, which I think are perfect for any outfit and occasion. Also super comfy, massive bonus.

You guys will know I love slightly bohemian/vintage style jewellery too, so this necklace instantly caught my eye. I love the natural feel it has and I’m sure I’m going to get so much wear from this during Summer. These earrings also struck my ‘simplicity’ chord, and alas they ended up in my ears, very happy whilst doing so, I’ll have you know!

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How to be yourself

It’s tough in this world to be yourself without having moments of doubt. Everyone get’s those “I must be happier, smarter, better” moments and actually, that’s just wasted pressure you definitely don’t need to put on yourself. Here are some tips on how to be yourself and love doing it in the process…

Don’t be Afraid

The top tip here is to not be afraid of being judged. There’s a reason we can’t hear people’s thoughts – we simply don’t need to. Whilst your worrying about what’s going through someones mind and assuming it’s bad, what if they’re thinking good thoughts instead? Banish those negative emotions to the back of your mind and just be proud to be yourself, no matter what the person stood infront of you might be thinking.

Oh hey, Inner Confidence

You can do it. You are strong, good, amazing and whatever you want to do, it’s there infront of you. Have some confidence in yourself, find that self belief and run with it. Life is one huge obstacle but just like a maze, you’ll find your way through and eventually to the goal you’ve set.. BUT you must believe you can do it to get there.

Surround yourself with love

We all have people that make us feel good about ourselves, and we all have people that do the opposite. Sometimes people only need to give you a certain look, and you’re at home tearing yourself to pieces. SAY NO. I took to cutting those sorts of people out of my life a long time ago and if I meet someone that makes me feel bad, I disregard them. Not everyone is going to love you, and that’s cool – just go find the ones that do!

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Be yourself and you can be anything

Thank you to Anthropologie for working with me on this post. It was an honour and you can bet all these views are my own… full of love for silky dresses and an amazing brand.


That dress is what dreams are made of. The pattern is beautiful, I am in love with it! Amazing photo’s also. x

I love these dress and photos are just stunning

These photographs are absolutely amazing, I just love the outfit. Also, I always love reading your tips, they are so inspiring. I really need to stop worrying about what others think about me.

Thank you so much Rosa. So glad you liked the post and the tips. It’s so easy to worry about what others think of us for sure, but even easier to forget it once you get the right frame of mind 🙂 Thanks for commenting! x

OMG. These pictures are simply amazzzzing!

Thanks so much lovely x

The photos are so lovely and you look absolutely beautiful!
– Samantha

Aww thank you SO much! x

loved those pictures! your outfit looks amazing 🙂

x Lilli
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This post is defo encouraging me to add some more TAN to my wardrobe!
Also, your tips were so so refreshing to read, thank you!

Thanks Kelly and yay for tan! I love it at the moment 🙂 Really glad you like the tips too xxx

Wow, these photos are absolutely breathtaking! I love Anthro too, one of my faves, and love the outfit you created!!

The Fashion Barbie

Thank you so much Lindsey! So glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

You look stunning! These photos have so much character and flow.x

Thank you SO much Renee!

amazing scenery and the lights is gorgeous as the dress.

xx from Brighton
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Thank you! And wow, Brighton, that’s where we shot these photos 🙂 xx

So gorgeous! Loving the outfit, as always xx

You look beautiful Laura, I love the dress and the photographs are all so stunning!
I wish I had someone to shoot my pictures instead of relying on my tripod! xxx

Aww thank you so much Tor! I am very lucky to have Chris taking my photos, it definitely makes it easier to be creative 🙂

liebeskind is such a lovely brand for handbags. i actually worked for them back in the day. lovely photography as always.

Oh it’s my new favourite bag for sure! 🙂

The photography is absolutely beautiful here as well as the inspirational words!
Morgan |

Thank you, so glad you enjoyed it!

Absolutely stunning