As much as I love grey, black & white.. I also love pink. If  mixing your favourite colour with your favourite fruit is a new trend.. well, I’m already living it!…

It’s like red but not quite

Pink. My favourite colour. I’ve liked blue and green, purple and orange, but.. this season? I like pink, only pink. When Pink Lady Apples got in touch and asked if I’d like to work with them on a post about the colour that is pink, I leapt and clapped my hands in joy. Of course, of course.

Actually, Pink Lady Apples are very special to me. They were my Grandad’s favourite apples, so it seems like fate that we’re working together on this post – I think he’d like this one. He often told me “Pink Lady apples are the best apples puddin” when we went food shopping, trivial but something I’ll probably always remember when I’m down the apple isle.

Now let’s see some Pink facts (two words I never thought I’d be typing!) from colour psychologist, Karen Haller (what a cool job!) Pink is a colour that signifies sweetness and is linked to maternal love by our subconscious. It’s a feel good colour that appeals to humans, male & female, young and old.

So, Pink Lady sent me a pink inspired parcel – along with apples and a notepad came something very exciting. A tin of paint, produced through a machine that had scanned a Pink Lady apple and made the exact same colour in paint form. Oh technology, how you amaze me. My challenge was to do some crafty DIY with said paint, so.. what did I come up with?

Photography – chris@alotofbradshaw.com

My Pink DIY Project

I had this old crate sitting in my office collecting dust for way too long. It was from a previous press release and had branding all over it, so I wasn’t too sure what to do with it. Until I received the Pink Lady paint that is! Painting it pink means I can now use it for picnics, nice instagrams (not even kidding!) or as a cute storage piece in my office and even tie it in to my wedding somehow!

As you can see here, I took it for it’s first trip out along with some apple snacks. It’s the perfect addition for a cute picnic in Summer and it holds just the right amount of food and drink. The fact it’s pink means it looks so Summery and brightens up any room, or picnic blanket.

How to add more pink into your life…


Be brave. Get that paint brush out and just paint. Infact, paint everything in sight. Pink goes perfectly with so many other colours such as pale greens, coppers, dove-grey and chocolate.


Add accents of pink to a room for a more subtle approach. You can do this by adding some flowers, painting some DIY projects or a feature wall.


Softer, lighter pinks and blue-based dusty pinks have a more gentle energy. This is great if you want to soften a domestic space or workplace – as well as your outfit!


Pink is great for outfits too. It oozes independance, strength and looks pretty damn good, too. If you’re not feeling too brave, pop on some pink accessories instead.

An apple a day

Keeps the doctor away. No really, they do. The facts are in, apples can reduce the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease, protect against asthma and boost your immune system. They contain antioxidants and flavonoids which are good for our health and wellbeing plus they taste extremely good in a smoothie, just so you know…

Pink Lady apples look pretty but are also packed with goodness. Being a natural source of energy and a single apple supplies a quarter of your daily vitamin C! An average 100g Pink Lady apple only contains 50 calories too, so they’re the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

Shop the post…

Thank you to Pink Lady for working with me on this post. Of course, all opinions my own – I really do love pink and apples!


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