I love the feeling of fresh, smooth and soft skin. Lucky for you guys, I’ve been testing out my new favourite product and I think you might love it…


Fake Tan Positives

I’m pretty sure we’ve all made the same mistake – sitting in the sun for hours without suncream, thinking that when we wake up the next day we’ll have beautifully bronzed skin and feel a million dollars.

Yeah, crazy isn’t it? Sun damage is one of the quickest ways to age your skin, and no only that but it also brings on numerous illnesses, including possible skin cancer. Something we definitely all want to avoid. The best way to avoid this? Do it yourself.

Fake tan is something I have always been a fan of, mostly because I’m not too great at sitting in the sun for hours and my skin doesn’t really like to tan that way either! Not only that, it’s obvious health benefits are always on my mind. It’s easier, quicker and I don’t need to spend thousands on a holiday to get one. It’s a win win situation in my eyes.

So with this little blog post, I thought it would be a nice idea to let you in on some of my fake tan secrets, including one pretty amazing scrub.


My hands like to be dry. Because of this, they also like to grab that fake tan and let it sink right in, hence many orange hand situations. A way I like to prevent this is to make sure I moisturise daily – my hands, legs, arms…. body, basically. This helps keep the skin healthy, soft and stops the tan from clinging to all the wrong places. It’s always good to exfoliate with a product that moisturises too…

Prep is key

Your skin must be ready for the tan. The first step to any tanning routine is always to exfoliate. Getting rid of those dead skin cells is the first way to ensure your tan sits nicely and doesn’t stick to certain parts of your body. I like to concentrate on my elbows, knees and feet areas mostly but an all over scrub is ideal. I have been loving Scrub Love for this reason alone, completely natural and moisturising too – perfect…

So, now let’s talk about my new favourite scrub, Scrub Love


All Natural

Recently I have been loving Scrub Love – an exfoliant scrub made from au’ natural ingredients. These include argan, baobab, coconut, sweet almond, sweet orange, tea tree and peppermint oils. Plus Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt and sugar are added into the mix, along with the most organic coffee.

Of course, natural products are seriously trending right now and for all the right reasons. These scrubs are definitely not tested on any animals and all Scrub Love products are free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens and preservatives. Because of this, I feel so good about smothering my body in this product, knowing that everything is natural and good for me instantly puts me at ease.

When the guys at ScrubLove asked me if I wanted to write about the scrub, of course I said yes. I love writing about products I love and ones that actually work. This scrub does exactly what it says on the ‘tin’, and I just love it. The scrub hydrates your skin, softens, moisturises and polishes, all whilst getting rid of flakes and helping to battle against pesky cellulite. For me this is perfection, 2 in 1’s are my favourite, but that even beats those products in the race to ease and keeping things simple!

How do I use it?

This scrub is the perfect product for both before I fake tan and for those times I want to remove any tan that’s lingering, as well as keeping my skin soft and smooth. It comes in a really handy re-sealable pouch, which is easy to store and looks pretty too.

To use, I simply stand in the bath/shower to avoid any mess and rub all over my body. I rub the scrub in circular movements and there’s no need to rub too hard because you can instantly feel the scrub doing it’s job. You want to rub this scrub all over, making sure you get rid of all those old skin cells.

It really benefits the skin to leave the scrub on for a few minutes, so this is when I like to step out and brush my teeth/watch snapchat, do a little dance, you know… every day things! Simply wash off when ready and continue with your shower routine. When I step out the shower, my skin feels soft and fresh, which is the feeling I love most.

It’s recommended you use this scrub 3-4 times a week to keep your skin looking it’s best and it’s become my weekly routine now, and my skin has definitely benefitted from it.

What do I think?

Firstly, the natural goodness of Scrub Love is what caught my attention the most. Recently I have been reading so much more about products that are filled with bad chemicals and I realised I don’t mind rubbing them into my skin. However, knowing that Scrub Love contains only natural ingredients puts me at ease and makes me want to use it more than any other product I own and have used previously!

It does the job. It does make my skin feel smooth, soft and I feel fresh as soon as I step out of the shower. It works with fake tan, before & after but also works without it, I can feel the benefits and my skin feels better for using it.

Personally, I love the smell. I adore the smell of coffee and before my coffee-drinking days I used to just open up the tin of coffee and smell it for ages, so yeah.. naturally this appeals to me! I love the undertone of orange too and that’s something that really stood out to me. However, the scrub is also available in Mint Temptation and Coconut Affair, as well as Original Lovin, just incase coffee isn’t your thing (all of them smell seriously good!)

Lastly, I really love the branding. Whether this is something I look for as a blogger or not, I’m not sure BUT it just appeals to me. The simple design of a re-sealable pouch is easy to store, packs away flat or standing up and it’s super easy to use the product. The colours of the packs are pretty and definitely stand out to me, a long with the polkadot design.

Shop the post…

Thank you to Scrub Love for working with me on this collaboration! All views of course are my own, I love this product! 🙂


I have always wanted to try these kind of scrubs. Great post!
– Samantha

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I am loving your photos! Very gorgeous and well put together 🙂 I’m going to have to try this scrub, as it sounds like such a neat idea, and would probably work wonders on my skin! x

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Hayley xo

You look amazing, such beautiful photos and brilliant review!!!! xxxx

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XO Sahra
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