Bluebell season is my favourite, pair that with a wedding? Well, it all starts to get a little bit magical…


In this bluebell wood the air was almost sparkling, wind rustling through the trees and the soft glow of violet lit up the floor. For a lot of the time it was silent, and I felt like a fairy in this beautiful dress. Moments like this make me incredibly excited to be a bride and I already want my day to last forever.

So, you may know.. it’s coming up to wedding season, obviously I’m now engaged which somehow makes me a lot more excited about wedding related subjects and pinning photos to my pinterest boards. It also makes me a lot more excited about buying those also getting married lovely wedding gifts that perhaps I might like in the future, hint hint, nudge nudge. This is a task that I used to find daunting – what do you buy a couple that have everything?! I feel like my worries have been answered, and I’m here to answer yours too..

Recently I came across the beautiful Vera Wang Wedgewood range and just fell in love. It’s simplistic yet romantic style is right up my street and is the perfect wedding gift. With it’s timeless styling, this is a range that would appeal to absolutely anyone and make their home that little bit more special.

Each piece in the collection has been designed with a modern approach, with a classic and elegant style. The attention to detail is breathtaking and I love the tiny additions that make these pieces one of a kind.

I love that fact that Vera Wang and Wedgewood have created this (and many other) collections, two well trusted brands at different ends of the spectrum. One high fashion and the other quality and trusted within the porcelain industry, what a marvellous combination.

This post is in collaboration with Vera Wang Wedgewood, and I’m super excited to show you some of the lovely items. So, let’s get going…

Photography –

Wedding Picnic

The options are endless nowadays when it comes to weddings, hen dos and treating our brides. For me, I love a personal touch and find that it’s always the most rewarding. If your best friend, sister and so on is getting married, why not treat them to a wedding themed picnic. Once you’re doing, you can gift them everything you used during the picnic (even the left over food, if you wish…) and they can then re-use it during their honeymoon or just on a day out with their new hubby. It’s the perfect gift for not just the bride, but the groom too. Just make sure you get them to do the washing up!

Blanc sur Blanc Collection

For the Blanc sur Blanc tableware collection the concept was the marriage of different whites, which sounds romantic in itself. This collection pairs texture with tone and this results in a effortless sophisticated outcome.

The simple style of this tableware is something that you will never tire of, which is what I just love about it. It also looks exceptionally good when piled with cakes and berries. I love the simple silver line detailing, mixed with the “barely there” square textures that run along the edge.

Sequin Flute

This is probably my favourite item from the collection. The Sequin design is inspired by the artistic embellishments used in Vera Wang’s bridal creations. These glass items will look amazing displayed in a drinks cabinet or in a glass kitchen display cupboard. The light reflects out of every crevice and if you’re a little magpie like me – you’ll adore these.

Cheers to the Bride

I think it’s really important to spend time with a bride before her big day. It’s a daunting feeling, that builds up over a long period of time and I can only imagine the nerves leading up to having to walk down that isle. Having a drink, and cheering to the good times you’ve had and the ones that are yet to come is really special.

Trinket Boxes, With Love

I love collection memories. I actually have all of the first cinema tickets I brought with my husband-to-be as well as our date details kept in a shoebox under my bed. For someone sentimental, a trinket box is the perfect gift. Whilst I agree that most will store their earrings or special jewellery in something like this, I also like the thought that it could be used for memories. Why store them in a shoebox when you could store them in this? Here I have filled mine with confetti which might be a nice idea if you’re gifting your Bride after her big day. It’s the thought that make gifts so special and sometimes the moments that people can easily forget are the most rewarding.

Visual Memories

Oh, photo frames. Another of my all time favourite items for storing memories and displaying them in your home. I love giving photo frames as gifts and think this can either be a memory you share with the Bride, or left empty for her to fill once she has her wedding photos back.

I can imagine the aftermath of getting married is a little hectic, what with being back to normality and getting back to a life without making wedding related decisions. So what could be better than spending the evening as a new Mr & Mrs than to fill up this beautiful frame with the photo you both love the most?


I can’t even recall the amount of times I’ve been brought a gift that I have no idea what to do with. Where do I put it? How do I use it? What and why?! So practicality is a massive must when it comes to buying the newly weds a marriage gift. No one likes useless clutter, after all.

I love the idea of cake knife and serving gifts. It’s something you can buy before they tie the knot, meaning it’s also one less item they have to consider, buy and worry about. It also means you’ll be playing a small part in their wedding day, which I think is a little heartwarming in itself. Vera Wang do some lovely versions, the ones pictured here are again effortlessly elegant and perfect for any cake situation.

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Vera Wang, acclaimed authority for bridal elegance, is truly an icon. Synonymous with a modern approach to classic style, at the heart of her design is an understanding of tradition and beauty, mixed with a contemporary edge. To view the collection, click here


Even though I am not getting married anytime soon… this post definitely is something that would be magical to put on. Vera Wang dose an amazing job with everything! Also, you look amazing in these pictures, too. 🙂

These photos are absolutely stunning. You make a gorgeous bride! Love love love the wedding picnic 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your wedding planning, I absolutely loved it!

Amazing photos. Love the serenity. xx
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Unbelievable dreamy pictures, I honestly love them!


I fell in love with these pictures! They are soooo beautiful 🙂
Nice work
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omg! it’s all between a fairytale and a dream! lovely photographs..the bluebells give such an atmosphere. <3

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I was looking for whites summer dresses for my latest article and you came up! I fell in love with your blog!

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I truly wish I had the words to convey how truly beautiful the words and pictures are. So magical! Truly breathtaking x

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This is so pretty and such a dream location for a wedding. It sounds so exciting to plan a wedding and hope yours is going well Laura.

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I love these photos they are amazing! I hope you enjoy your wedding planning must be so exciting xx

Thank you so much!!!! Oh yes, I am loving the planning!

These pictures are so dreamy, they have made me excited for my wedding and I’m not even with anyone aha! Lovely post x

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Wow those pictures are so dreamy!


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such an amazing post. as i said before, your photography is just out of this world.

Thank you so much Elena, Chris does a good job on the photos hey?! 🙂

These photos are INCREDIBLE, such lovely lovely ideas too!

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These pictures are on another level of beautiful! Honestly, so stunning.

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