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This week it’s all about comfort. Dressing for comfort doesn’t have to be a bad thing and you can definitely still make it work for your own personal style. So, let’s find out how…

Golden river running

Comfort is sometimes key. I love wearing fashionable items and shoes that make my feet feel as though they are folding in half (I do, I’m sorry) but I also like the other end of the spectrum. Slippers, PJ’s and… well, comfortable, casual outfits, like this! In the Potter-Bradshaw house, we like to take part in many walks. Forest walks, seaside walks and little cute village walks. (The village walks are mostly for me to snap some cute doors for my instagram!)

For this reason alone, I find it mandatory that I have some walk-friendly outfits to hand in my wardrobe. Comfortable shoes, check, jeans check and of course a warm but cute jacket… check!

When Lighthouse Clothing got in touch and asked if I’d like to work on a post with them, I couldn’t resist the nautical and comfortable style of their collection & knew exactly where we would go for the photos. Firstly this rain jacket caught my eye, it’s made of cotton so doesn’t have that noisy rain jacket feel that most have. I also love the cute floral print inside, it gives it a feminine feel and adds a pop of colour. I picked out the bright, vibrant orange and matched my nails, of course. This Avon shade is the perfect match.

Next up I went for this extremely nautical, blue and white striped Sweater. This is again made from cotton (my fave) and is so soft and warm. I love it paired with these Mom Jeans too, but think it would look so cute with tanned pins and denim shorts!

If you fancy some pieces from Lighthouse, they have kindly given me a discount code to share with you guys too! Use the code  TWISST15 at the checkout for 15% off any products in the Lighthouse range. This is available until May 31st 2016.

Photography –


Dressing for Comfort

I know I said I’d never call it Tiny Tips ever again… but you guys seemed to like it! So it’s back, and this week we’re talking about tips for dressing for comfort. Something I enjoy, a lot.

Don’t be afraid to be you

Fashion can be both great and awful, all at the same time. With so many fashionable images thrown in our faces 24/7 it can be tough to just “chuck something on”. The pressure to look good at all times and wear the most fashionable items in your wardrobe if definitely very high. However, it’s good to be you, to feel comfortable and I think this is so easy to forget. If you want to wear black joggers and trainers, go for it – if you feel happy well.. that’s the main thing here.

Don’t worry about being judged

I feel like I can’t really talk on this one, because most of my life has been spent worrying about being judged. It’s only now that I’m 27 (almost 28, good lord) I can safely say it doesn’t bother me as much, because I just don’t care. What if Dorris down the road thinks my outfit sucks? What if Bob up the village thinks my trousers are a bit too tight? Erm, basically.. who cares about Dorris and Bob – not us!

Inject a bit of “you”

If you’re going for comfort and still want to have a little sass to your outfit, make sure you inject a bit of you into your outfit. You like pink? Add a pink jacket. You love leopard print? Add your statement bag! LOVE winged eyeliner? Make sure you pop a little bit more on today. It’s really easy to still keep elements of your style on a wardrobe comfy day, you don’t have to become someone else for the sake of pain-free feet!

Get inspired 

If you had told me 10 years ago that one day it would be cool to wear cigarette trousers with trainers, I’d have probably laughed a little. Now? It’s fine, infact… it’s good! Make sure you look at blogs, instagram accounts, Pinterest, magazines and get inspired. It’s actually a lot cooler and more on trend to dress comfortable these days. Trainers are well and truly IN.

Capsule Wardrobe Time

A capsule wardrobe is a dream. It’s basically all about re-arranging your wardrobe items and having a clean out. Picking items that only go with each other and are key to your fashion sense. This makes it so easy to put pieces together and match up all sorts of outfits. Make sure you have a few white tshirts, leggings and cute jumpers and your on your way to comfort-land!

Shop the post…

Thank you to Lighthouse for working with me on this collaboration – all views are my own, of course!


Ah this is such a gorgeous look, you look absolutely beautiful and the photography is gorgeous too! 🙂

Layla xx

What gorgeous afternoon light. Definitely golden hour 🙂

Denton & Lou 

Very cute outfits! Love the floral lining in the first jacket. x

Kate Louise Blogs

These photos are breathtaking! You look AMAZING!!

Blonde in Cashmere

Thank you vera, glad you like the photos! 😀 xxx

love this look and loving the shoes!!!

Thank you SO much lovely!!! xxx

You look so pretty! I love how you braided your hair here!

Aww thank you!!! xxxx

Perfect light. YOu look beautiful! xx, Erin –

Thank you so much lovely Erin xxx

Your blog is stunning, I’m now following on bloglovin’. Gorgeous photographs 🙂

Thank you Jane! Thank you for following too, nice to have you onboard! 😀

Your pictures are so inspiring… They’re stunning!

Thank you so much Ana, thank you as always for your lovely comments x

Beautiful pictures! I wonder a what time did you take those photos?

Thank you so much!!! It was about 7pm, just before sunset 🙂

Dreamy photos, I swear, and your hair is so lovely! The striped jumper is cute but the floral inner rain jacket is so cute too.

Thank you SO much Cara! Thanks for commenting too. The blue jumper is so comfy!

your photography leaves me speechless. so beautiful.

Thank you so much, that means so much!