There’s nothing better than the sun bursting through your window in the morning & being able to wear all your Spring coloured outfits…

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A sea of staring eyes

Today’s outfit is brought to you by a mix of grey and pastel – two of my favourites. Pastel tones are brilliant for this time of year – it’s branching into Spring and the lighter shades can once again come out of hiding, yay. Spring fashion, I love you. I really like this lightweight jacket from Closet mostly because of the dusky grey tone but also because it’s light enough to stay cool in the sunshine and warm enough in the shade – perfect for the unprediatable weather in the UK.

Of course I paired grey, with grey. So out came my French Connection jeans and I think they match this light coat perfectly. I also picked up this scarf from Primark recently and think it’s a complete steal with a price tag of just £4! Yes, four pounds. The scarf brings the entire outfit together and ties in all the pastel shades.. it’s really pretty too.

My number one tip for Spring fashion would be to buy a cream blouse. This one has been worn so much recently and they’re the easiest things to style when the sun is shining. I wear this with jeans but also with skirts, under a denim dress, with a jumper over the top, under a leather jacket – it’s literally so versatile! I love the detailing this one has down the front, it gives it a girly, delicate edge, which I adore.

Then we have these sunnies. Sorry I’ve bombarded you with these recently, but they are just so easy to pop on with my outfit choices at the moment! It’s a nice change from wearing black/brown specs too, yet not too in your face as the pink is such a neutral dusky shade. Definitely take a look if you’re in the market for some new sunglasses. I’ve popped as many direct links as possible in the boxes below to help you guys out, just don’t call me an enabler!

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I’ve become accustomed to write something special in these little paragraphs, and I’ve enjoyed it. It’s rewarding picking a subject to write about and know that it helps you guys out. This week? I’m discussing tips on how to balance those pesky emotions. Don’t worry, I won’t call it Tiny Tips every week, I promise.

We won the race

So once upon a time, we all started life the same way. As little spermlings (I used that to make it sound more cute, not sure if it works) we won the race of life, and we actually beat quite a few others in the process. Sometimes when I feel a little worse for wear, I remember this. I won the race of life before I was even born. Well done me and well done to you too!

Take five, but count to ten

Sometimes when my emotions get the better of me, I do literally sit in a quiet room and count to ten. It seems like a patronising tip, but it does actually work. Taking a few minutes to reflect on a situation or problem can help calm you down and enable you to think more rationally.

A problem shared

Talking helps, always. Keeping emotions inside will only result in a major eruption, which is what you want to avoid, ideally! Turn to someone you respect, whether it be your parents, a good friend, a sibling or a partner. Tell them your problems and talk through it. It might seem harder than it sounds, but once it’s out it will definitely help put things into perspective. If you have no one to talk to, you can always phone The Samaritans for some friendly advice. The 116 123 number does not show up on phone bills either, which means you don’t need to worry about any one knowing you’ve called.

People detox

If you get angry quickly, upset easily or sad within seconds… sometimes the company we keep can affect this. If you know there’s someone in your life that’s bringing you negative energy and therefore making those emotions play up, distance yourself. You don’t have to cut them out completely if you don’t want to, but definitely make some space between you and them – it will most likely help you both out, too. Surrounding yourself with happy, positive people can actually have the same effect on you.


I like the people detox advice.
Very much needed sometimes.

Love those photos! 🙂 The location is just awesome and you look absolutely beautiful!
XO from Germany

hello there,ciao Laura…nice post! your words are lovely to read…you have a talent in writing…always your outfits are so charming and fabolous…and…what stunning eyes…they shine Charisma…cheers

you look beautiful! these photos are beyond gorgeous!

Gorgeous photographs and I love your sandals! xx Amber

Such beautiful photos! I love those shoes too, they’re perfect for summer.

Pastels are just life! And the scarf with the jacket was just perfection! *heart eyed emoji*

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Love the outfit and sunnies! <3

xo Raina

The photos are amazing. You look so dreamy and beautiful! 🙂

Absolutely wonderful post. Your photos are so so inspiring!


Everything in this post is so gorgeous! x


I love this post so much <3 your outfit is so gorgeous- I especially LOVE your sandals x

Great tips! I find the most challenging space to control emotions is at work…sometimes I find myself in meetings where I just want to crawl under the table, go off, storm out, or all of the above. But in the adult world, we have to do our best to remain calm and reasonably talk through the situation. You can’t always get a chance to ‘take 5’ so I’ll direct my attention to focusing on my breath as a way of calming my emotions before I start talking. Very helpful!!

xoxo – Kelly

Hey Kelly, so true! It can be tough but it’s all about learning to manage it, hey! Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

Wow, great pictures!


Tamara –

Thank you so much! <3

Wow, I absolutely love these pictures ! Also your outfit is so perfect for the season, you are so pretty !
Really great blog ! Have a nice week end ! <3

Suzanne xx
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Aw thank you so much Suzanne, such a lovely comment xx

Adore your blog! Your photos are absolutely beautiful, and the Tiny Tips section is something I’ve not seen before- love it! xo

Jess, hi freckles

Thank you so much Jessica, so glad you liked the post 🙂 xx

Absolutely gorgeous photos, your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites – I love the tiny tips section 🙂 x

Aww thank you Marissa!!! 🙂 This is lovely to know! x

Absolutely stunning photos! I can not believe that scarf is from Primark!! xx

Tash |

Thank you so much lovely! And I KNOW what a good Primark find 🙂

You’re so right. I definitely love the combo of the pastel and the grey! Who knew huh?!

I know, right! It’s a match made in heaven!