3 tips for originality

In a forest full of trees doing the same thing as you, it can be pretty tough to stand out. I’ve complied 3 tips for originality that might help one tree shine. Click the read more button, my little woodland creatures…

3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality

In the quivering forest

Well hello there! This week’s blog post comes to you from the forest, possibly my favourite place in the world. The trees taller than you can imagine, dotted in perfect lines and rustling in the soft wind. Sun poking it’s way through the branches, lighting up the floating dust particles dancing in the soft, quiet, peaceful air. I guess you can say, it’s heaven and somewhere I feel at peace.

We went for a Saturday morning walk and it was the best way to blow off the cobwebs. I’ve been suffering with a cold so not feeling my best and can barely breathe. I’ve also been feeling a little disheartened lately (we’ll talk about that later) so this was the perfect way to feel inspired, and feel back to myself – let me tell you, it worked! Nature is just brilliant.

This outfit is pretty casual, but still sticking to my love for grey. I absolutely love this Free People dip-dye tshirt, it’s effortless but I still feel like I’ve made an effort, I popped on my grey Rocketdog Campo Sneakers which are the comfiest, and my hand-knitted scarf – thanks to my Auntie Kath!

I paired it with my new FCUK Rebound jeans, which let me tell you may well be the best jeans I’ve ever worn. So comfortable, stretchy and just absolutely brilliant. These are designed to work with any body shape and has a high-power stretch which helps create a streamlined silhouette. They hold and smooth natural curves and retain your shape, which I just love. Let’s celebrate our curves ladies! These come in two lengths and six different washes, so definitely take a look if you’re after some new denim. I went for the Charcoal wash, which I just love.


Photography – chris@alotofbradshaw.com

3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality


So, originality. Something that has been playing on my mind a lot recently. When I first started blogging (6 years ago!) it was a small industry – so small, it wasn’t even an industry at all yet. I didn’t ever imagine it could be my job and definitely didn’t think it was something I would be doing 24/7. Nor did I ever imagine blogging itself would ever become as massive as it has, everyone and their little sister has a blog these days.. and whilst it’s cool, it also makes it difficult to be original, and create content that will always be unique to you.

I’ve always been honest with you guys in saying that I’m pretty normal. I’m a size 8/10, I have size 4 feet and brown hair. I like high-street fashion because I could never not feel guilty about spending £1k on a pair of trousers and I drive a car, not a limo. However, I like to show you that however normal, whatever your size, you can rock outfits however you please and still look as good as you want.

I think what I’m trying to say here, is that it’s just hard to do something that stands out. I find I post a set of photos that I adore, some content that I’m proud of or a video that took me hours… and somewhere down the line, they’ll probably appear somewhere else. For a while this got me down – blogging can be consuming when it’s your full-time job. It can sometimes feel like you work your butt off for something that someone can simply rip off in five minutes flat. But, one must be positive… and this little check list helped me along the way…

Appreciate your own uniqueness

We can definitely all get bogged down with social media these days. Wanting to be somewhere else, someone else and it’s so easy to forget that we’re doing okay as ourselves. I say this all the time, but everyone is unique in their own ways because you are the only you, funnily enough. Try looking a little deeper inside yourself and find that self-love that you’ve been forgetting about.

Find the things you are passionate about

Obviously if you’re blogging about beauty, fashion, those are your main passions. But I’ve learnt that it helps to look a little deeper – what spurs you on, what fashion items really get you going? For me in this shoot, it’s being comfortable, showing people these jeans that I just love because I didn’t feel like I was wearing cardboard. It’s easy to write about what you think people want to read – but that isn’t original content coming naturally from yourself!

Be true to yourself

This stems from the last paragraph but there is a fine line between being inspired and imitation, you might not even notice it. If you love a set of photos, a video or content in general, take aspects and figure how you can do something that makes you feel the same way. However, try not to blur the line and imitate what inspires you, that’s not being original and won’t fill you with the same amount of accomplishment.

3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality

My Youtube news

I mentioned on Twitter today that I had some exciting YouTube news. So, what is it? I hear you ask.. I am going to be weekly vlogging again! I did some weekly vlogging late last year (see those here) but I was never really able to get completely stuck in because I was moving house at the time and well, life took over.. I guess.

YouTube is a massive part of my Tiny Twisst career and I feel the one thing it lacks is you guys getting to know the real me. Sure I can talk to you about my favourite lipsticks for five minutes, but that’s not me, that’s just my lipstick collection, ha! You can watch that below, though! 😉

I love watching weekly vlogs myself and hope that you guys will enjoy mine. I am hoping to post them either on Sunday/Monday evenings but do of course let me know which days you think you’d prefer. You guys matter the most!

3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality
3 tips for originality

Love your blog! Oozes such tranquility!

Funmi xx

thank you soo much!!! xx

Your watch is gorgeous, I really want one like that! I love your hat too. Amazing photos!
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Oh I love the watch, it’s pretty isnt it! 🙂 x

Beautiful post, I love being in the forest too. Your content is really great and original.


Thank you so much, means a lot 🙂 xx

Oh wow! Wow, wow, wow! Chris has outdone himself with these snaps and of course you look insane too, my girly. LOVE this post!

Grace xo

Aww thank you my bestie xxx

I can’t get over how beautiful your photography is – it’s stunning! I loved reading these tips – and although I only started my blog last year, I feel they still apply to me. Originality is so important x

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Thank you SO much for the lovely words! Glad you enjoyed 🙂 xxx

Stunning! Your photos are always amazing x

Wow, amazing pictures! Love the ootd and the watch

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What a wonderful post full of nice pictures. 🙂
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That Ombre jumper is lovely!!

Thank you! Free People done well 🙂 xx

You make the scarf look fab darling , so chuffed you put on your blog xxx

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I really like the vibe of shooting in the forest! Great outfit!


I am such a big fun of your photography! I wish you a quick recovery pretty girl.
I’ve started a blog myself freshly and only now I realized how many blogs there are out there. So thank you very much for your tips.


Stunning photos Laura! You have an amazing blog, so don’t think you should ever feel worried about your content. Oh and I will definitely be purchasing that top! xx

Thank you so much Becky!!!!! xx

couldn’t agree more with this! ad your outfit looks so cozy !

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Well said, once again a beautiful selection of stunning photos xxx

Thank you darling 🙂 xx