Train to nowhere

I find train journeys a good place for reflection, especially when they’re this empty…

Mystery fates for you

Red. A colour I have rekindled my love for – vibrant yet subtle and perfect with all complexions and this Forever Unique dress is to blame. It looks extremely retro when paired with vintage rolls and a nice matching red lip, which is right up my street. I don’t usually go for strapless dress, mostly because I’m not blessed in the ‘natural dress holder upper’ area… but this one fits like a glove. It synchs in at the waist and fills out at the hips, which is beautiful shape for both the curvy figure and those who like a dress to help give them curves. Basically, a flamin’ miracle worker!

I was lucky enough to work with Forever Unique on this post and I can’t tell you how excited I was. They are a brand I have followed for a while now and they have the most beautiful range of dresses. I love how you can pick something suited to an evening occasion as well as something for a more casual feel. With race season and Spring (yay!) approaching it’s the perfect place to find the dress of yo’ dreams. As you can tell, I’m pretty fond of mine. I wonder if I could get married in it…? 😉

Anyway, I paired it with these beautiful heels, which are super flattering. The bow on the front gives the shoe shape a slightly fuller look, meaning it makes those ankles look incredibly small. I also love the tone of the nude colouring, it’s slightly lighter than my skin tone so makes me look a little more tanned than I actually am… which isn’t that difficult really, but still! I think these are so pretty and you guys have been loving them on my instagram already. They are the perfect girly heel and definitely something I can see myself wearing a lot, so beware… you may be seeing them again soon.


Photography –

The ride is just for you

I had to write a little bit about these photos, didn’t I? I am so happy that you guys are really enjoying my blog posts lately. With the help of my brilliant photographer, I feel like this little spot is just where I have wanted it for a very long time and it makes it so much better when I read all of your lovely comments! So, thank you, so very much.

As a blogger, I guess my thing is being normal. I don’t wear a size zero, I don’t have cool green hair and I am definitely not perfect. The idea of Tiny Twisst, this blog, the YouTube, the instagram, is to show you that normal is cool. In a world full of social media, crazy trends and unattainable perfection – I hope I can just show you guys that being yourself & being happy in your own skin is the best thing of them all.

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

This post is a collaboration with Forever Unique, all views and love for the brand are my own.