It’s amazing how much a simple hat can alter an outfit. Not only does it add an element of cool but it also covers up a bad hair day, both strong positives…


Well, Bonjour! I went a little Parisian this week. Whilst at LFW I spotted some very interesting styles and noticed an array of fashion-led hats… hence me digging this one out! I always forget how a hat can enhance an outfit and feel that this just gives it the ‘twist’ it needs, excuse the pun.

Hat aside, I decided I wanted to wear more pink and colour in general. My Winter wardrobe can sometimes feel like a monochrome dream but this isn’t always the most inspiring – I can get stuck in a colour rut at times. I love how a little splash of pink works for this look, it softens it up and makes it look nicely feminine. So the jeans, these are the ASOS Farleighs and I’m soon becoming an ASOS jean fanatic. These are probably the most comfortable high-waisted jeans I own.

So as I mentioned, it was London Fashion Week last weekend and I attended a Fashion Scout show which was amazing. Even though my schedule was smaller than most, I still found it very inspiring. I have promised myself to be a little more daring with my fashion and enlisted the help of some tips below. LFW also made me realise how it’s super important to stay hydrated and keep your essentials with you, long days can always be helped out with a carton of Vita Coco..


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As I mentioned, it was London Fashion Week this weekend, and boy was it manic. I usually rock up to events like this wearing unsuitable footwear, extremely thin jackets and no time for food or drink. This year however, as you might have noticed, things have changed. This is especially visible with what I make room for in my handbag – long gone are the piles of junk I think I ‘might need’ and instead pops in the daily fashion essentials… usually including a carton of Vita Coco.

So yes, not only did I sport my warm jacket and sensible heels, I also stayed super hydrated with these little Vita Coco goodies. Vita Coco are the main drink sponsors of London Fashion Week. I’m super excited to be working with them on this post and just look at the little personalised wooden case they sent me for it!

Anyway, if you’re not aware of Vita Coco, these drinks are full of natural goodness – no colourings, preservatives or flavourings, which makes me very happy and enables these cartons of joy to be my most favourite LFW accessory. As a bit of a Latte addict, the Cafe Latte flavour is obviously my all time favourite. It’s a delicious and nutritious blend of all natural Coconut Water, a strong shot of espresso and a splash of low-fat milk. This basically provided me with a little hit of energy which was much needed when walking between shows and meetings. It also means no coffee shop queues, which is always a bonus.

The Coconut Oil is also a must have. You can moisturise and hydrate your skin, add silky shine to your hair (great for getting rid of fly-aways) and rub it over your cuticles to keep nails looking healthy. I also use it to cook with, as it’s a much healthier oil alternative. Not only does it have all these amazing benefits… it smells pretty good too!

Maybe it’s the time of year (or my age) but I am definitely a lot more interested in what I’m putting in my body. Your body is a temple, and all that. This is why Vita Coco are a brand I adore, they ooze health!

So, if you’re with me on joining in on the healthy bandwagon definitely give Vita Coco a try. I love water but sometimes I crave something with a little flavour, so these have been a brilliant alternative for me. There are plenty of flavour choices for you to pick from. My body feels cleansed and so much better for not filling it with nasty colourings and fizzy fluids. It’s also somewhat fashionable to grab one of these out of your bag, and I felt like a proper LFW-goer with mine!

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I have been so inspired by past fashion recently – the fifties mainly – and it’s pushed me to experiment with my own style a lot more. This is good timing, what with Fashion Week just passing and it lead me to question why it can sometimes feel super daunting to change your own style and push the boundaries. Why did I feel slightly nervous about wearing this hat in public? Why did I feel cautious about wearing flares to LFW? Hence this post, how to overcome style-fear and basically dress however you like, because fashion is to be enjoyed… not feared.


This is a little tough if you’re slightly self conscious, but actually does work. Whenever you feel like people are staring at your outfit choices, most of the time it’s your own self conscious mind playing tricks. If you look in the mirror in the morning and feel good, believe in yourself. Those people looking at you are probably wishing they had the guts to pull off that gingham skirt too.


We’re all guilty of it. We read blogs, see Instagram accounts and instantly feel like we need those biker boots, pink hair and PVC trousers (you definitely don’t!) just like our peers are sporting. Fashion is of course all about trends, but real life is actually about taking those trends and picking pieces that suit your own body. For instance, what looks good on someone with a hourglass figure and blonde hair might not work on a brunette pear.


Sure, heels make your legs look fantastic.. but they don’t make them feel that way. Being comfortable is something I swear by! If I’m planning on wearing heels to an event, I make sure I have a back up pair of flats with me ready for the journey home. If you have a bit of a trek, pop in some Vita Coco to keep hydrated & some headphones for entertainment. Being uncomfortable can seriously alter your mood, thus making you feel a little bit rubbish.. which isn’t great for our self-esteem is it?!


I like to take my time, plan an outfit, browse the web.. and if I get up late, leaving me 20 minutes to get ready… well, I’m not a happy bunny. Some of my worst days have been those when I’ve had limited time to ready myself for the day ahead. Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning can make you feel a lot more prepared, you can experiment with your outfit and makeup, and you won’t have to run for the train. We’re all winners there.


We all have a few outfits that we can rely on. They are kind of like your Sister, you might not see them everyday but they’re always there. Those skinny jeans with the cream jumper and biker boots. The little black dress that looks great with those red heels? Keep them in the back of your mind, everyone needs a few easy options. Whether the dress you’ve brought doesn’t fit, hasn’t been delivered or is just plain ugly – the backups will always help you out.

This post is in collaboration with Vita Coco but as always all views and coconut loving are my own.


Gorgeous photos – and I love coconut water!!! xx

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