Take me Anywhere

 Every weekend recently we will hop in the car and head out for a little photography adventure… except this time, it was in the stylish Peugeot 108.


I got given a car. Not a statement I ever thought I’d say in my lifetime! Okay, so, I got given a car.. for a week. Still pretty cool though, right? If you want to read more about the car itself, carry on scrolling down, but let me just tell you, I didn’t want to give it back. So, we took a little road trip.

We took a little drive over the weekend and ventured to the seaside, luckily enough it was a particularly sunny day for Winter in the UK and it made taking these photos very nice. There’s a lot of beaches in Essex and whilst they may not be of the tropical kind, they are still very lovely and actually quite relaxing – I just love listening to the sea.

Anyway, the outfit. SO, I love grey… you guys know that. Firstly, this Missguided grey toned snake-print skirt caught my eye and I love how it can be made super casual by pairing it with a simple grey t-shirt. This teddy bear coat is also a current favourite of mine – not only is it incredibly cosy, it’s very warm and therefore extremely practical.

And lastly we have the boots. These Rocket Dog beauties are comfy, have a slight heel which makes them a bit more flattering and they are generally just a bit cool to look at and I love the zip detailing.


Photography – chris@alotofbradshaw.com

For a while now I have been having a secret affair with grey, please don’t tell my pre-loved black clothes! Seriously though, for me grey is the new black. Sure, I still love the simple ‘all black’ outfit, but grey is just a little almost-monochrome addition that just fancies up an outfit. It’s also a super flattering shade (weird, right!?) and goes with absolutely anything, black, navy, brown.. you name it! A simple grey t-shirt can give an outfit the effortlessly cool look, why not give it a go..


The Peugeot 108 is a little car that offers an abundance of choice. There’s a huge choice of colourful interior and exterior themes, with a very chic design. I like my cars small, but with enough room to fit all of my shopping (I’m sorry, it’s true) and this car has both of those elements! I got this beautiful blue coloured Peugeot, which had an array of cool features. A huge sun roof (it felt like an open top!) a very cool 7″ touch-screen which controlled the music, all vehicle settings and even has a very cool reversing camera, which makes parking super easy (even for me) I have stated all of the ‘girly’ facts here, so if you’d like to read more technical details, head on over to the website! We jumped in and drove off into the sunset, music blaring & sunroof open.


Your coat is amazing Laura and these photos are just SO dreamy <3 xx

Fantastic blog post , I was fascinated by the information ! Does anyone know where my business might be able to find a sample CA Disc-020 example to edit ?

Your pictures are amazing ! The car is so cute as well ! Plus I love your skirt 😉

These photos are so gorgeous, you look like you’re out of a magazine! Do you mind me asking if you use a lightroom filter on these?

The Little Things | Louise x

Hey Louise, thank you so so much for the kind words! I couldn’t be sure as my photographer edits them, but I’m sure there’s some magic he makes in lightroom!

These photos are stunning, I had no clue there was places like that in essex! I’d love to road trip every weekend and I will definitely be asking my boyfriend if we can do that when he gets his car 😉 I definitely look grey is such an overlooked colour, its just such a difference from black and white, but shhh don’t tell them that!

Hey Beth, thanks for the kind words! And yay for the grey love, glad you agree! x

What a cool car and love the color plus a road trip down to the beach sounds so fun. Love the outfit Laura and grey is looking lovely on you.

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

the photos are so beautiful and the lighting is perfect! I love the location


These photos are stunning! Love the outfit, the skirt especially!xx


Thank you Lucy! The skirt is a favourite of mine too 🙂 x