I don’t think there’s much else I love more than an oversized knit in Winter. I’d say it was one of the cold season’s perks…


It’s January. Like many others, for me this means cosy jumpers, comfortable shoes and well, minimal effort. However, I have given myself a promise that 2016 will be full of daring outfit choices and more effort, which doesn’t really bode well for the first month of the year! Anyway, I’d say I’m about half way here as I picked up these boots in the Topshop sale over Christmas and think they really ‘rock’ up most outfits, which as you guys might know is what I like to do! I love the buckle detailing and they are also really comfortable – probably because there’s no heels! I can see myself wearing these so much this year.. I’m thinking all black outfit, leather jacket, fedora and red lippy. Ohhh, I just love them. Isn’t it great when you find fantastic sale pieces?!

I paired it with this jumper dress from New Look, which of course can be worn casual like today, or dressed up with some heels. It’s covered in tiny knitted holes, which really gives it a flattering feel as it breaks up the block of black. Not only is it oversized it’s super soft – making it so cosy it’s unreal!

Now, let’s take some time to discuss this Lipstick. I recently found myself browsing the Lime Crime website and this colour caught my eye. It reminds me of the Kylie Jenner vibe and it’s a dream to wear. I love nude shades but with my pale complexion I find them difficult to wear. This is a nude with a mix of pinky brown tones so it’s not only light enough but has an element of depth to it – perfect for pale skin!


Photography –


We shot these photos on New Years Day and boy was it cold! We were surrounded by New Year dog walkers and the sound of, well, nothing – which was a dream. Just the air whizzing around our heads and the sand crunching beneath our feet. Peace.

Wearing oversized knits as dresses might seem like a brave move but it’s really not – I promise. If you’re a little worried, pop on some thick black tights or leggings and you’ll be good to go. If you fancy bearing all, skin coloured tights are a must, especially in this weather! (and yes, I’m talking from experience..)

If you’re after some fantastic oversized knit loving, see my alternative choices below – I had a lot of fun browsing the online stores for these beauties, it was a real struggle to not by every single one. I’ve also popped in some of my favourite boots with buckle detailing. Mixing textures is a must for a plain knit, it gives it an element of fun but still keeps in the cool which let’s face it… we’re all trying our best to do!