In my opinion, there is no better colour than grey…


Everyone loves a dinner date, right? Over Christmas I asked some of my girl friends over for a little buffet treat, and thought it would be nice to share the photos with you! I was provided with an outfit fit for a dinner party from Wallis, and just love how comfortable, yet stylish and smart it looked! Whilst this was more of a cosy PJ matter, I still dressed up.. for some of it!

The oversized grey polo neck is one of my favourite pieces due to it’s sparkly nature – it can be dressed up or down and it’s a very easy transition! I paired this with some leggings and grey boots as I do love a colour-match! Lastly, this waterfall jacket is the brilliant addition, especially for the colder months – it keeps you warm, looks lovely and has a very cool “scruffy but not” vibe, which you guys will know by now I just love!

Wallis also provided me with some treats such as delicious Hampstead tea’s and some Raw Chocolate goodies which you can see below! For the party itself, I kept it pretty simple and baked some buffet favourites such as cocktail sausages and of course a few gluten-free options for me! There were plenty of chocolate buttons to go round too..



Nice and lovely clothing i seen ever . I really love it. It is also an informational blog for me. Thanks for giving us that blog.

Grey is probably my favourite colour when it comes to fashion! Love the outfit and the pop of colour with the lipstick xx

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Love this outfit, I always have been a fan of grey

Lauren x |

Love the outfit and I’m starting to try and introduce more grey pieces into my wardrobe. Also sounds like a fun thing to do and have a few people over for a dinner party.

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

Lovely outfit, can’t believe the top is from Wallis!

Distant Dreamer