Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway Potrait-2

I could never get bored of Norwegian landscapes, every road leads to another beautiful spot…

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-1

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-4

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-3

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-2

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-5

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway Potrait-3

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-6

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway-7

Sunlight fades and the shadows grow long.

The thing with Norway is you can be driving along the main roads and see the most beautiful spots. The thing is when you’re a blogger? You’ll probably want to stop in all those spots and take photos, meaning you won’t be getting anywhere fast! And that my friends, is exactly what happened here!

This Mango jacket is 100%┬ámy most worn piece of clothing. I literally live in the damn thing. Leather jackets are so easy to wear and rock up any outfit, which I just love. I kept the rest simple – dark jeans, a black ASOS v-neck (such a comfy top) and some heeled boots. For vision (ha!) I’m wearing some new specs and for time keeping (yeah right) my Daniel Wellington watch, of course.

For me, a black outfit is simple and well, easy. There’s nothing wrong with easy. I think sometimes we feel that fashion has to be thought out and well executed but you know what? Sometimes we really just want to wear something comfortable, easy and well, black.

I’m wearing – Jacket | Tshirt | Jeans | Boots | Glasses | Watch

Tiny Twisst Leather Jacket Norway Potrait-1

Photos by Chris Bradshaw – chris@alotofbradshaw.com


Love it! I like the basic look w/ the leather jacket and the landscape is stunning!!!


I love this post so much an dthe photography is fab!
-Morgs x

Ah you are such a babe! I love the photos they’re so pretty x
Trudy x | TrudyJohanna

Oh my goodness these photos are SO stunning! You look amazing!

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