Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway Portrait-5

Usually if I found myself standing in the middle of nowhere wearing a red dress, in 7″ heels whilst battling strong winds, I’d imagine what people watching me would think. But on this day, in the depths of Norway, it didn’t even cross my mind. Surrounded by beautiful nature, high mountains and baby-blue skies, it was bliss. I guess that’s what made it the perfect place to take photos and soak up the atmosphere surrounding me, in a little red dress…

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway Portrait-1

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-6

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway Portrait-2

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-5

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-1

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway Portrait-4

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-4

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway Portrait-3

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-2

Tiny Twisst Red Dress Norway-7

These photos have been brewing a while. I really wanted to wait for my new blog design before posting them and I’m so glad I did! I wish I could show you the trek we took to get these shots – let’s just say there was a small diva fit (that was me) and many wet socks, 4 to be precise… but as you can see, it was totally worth it. Norway is such a beautiful country and if you ever have the chance to visit definitely make use of these fantastic surroundings. If you fancy seeing more landscape photos, check those out here.

Anyway, onto the outfit. So, you guys know I love my Chi Chi dresses. Girly, flattering shape and beautiful colours mixed with dashes of lace. This one is a particular favourite of mine due to the rich red tone, it’s so pretty and would be amazing for a Christmas day dress. It’s definitely a princess dress and despite the cold in these photos I felt so pretty. I love how it pinches in at the waist and flows out in just the right places, the lace sleeves are also so beautiful. I kept the shoes simple too, if you squint in the landscape shot you can just about see a pair – but actually bare feet worked pretty well in these surroundings, it’s just the dress & I, it doesn’t need anything else.

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Photos by Chris Bradshaw