There’s a lot of social media negativity floating around the internet this week, and well.. I have a few things to say about it. I need to be honest with you guys, are you ready?…

So, I edit my photos. Yup. I import them onto my computer and I make them look nicer.

Sometimes I take 30 seflies to get one that I like (sometimes 30 it an understatement) and usually in most of them my eyes are closed, and sometimes I might sneeze, or a bee might fly into my face.. you know, general life crisis moments. Is this actually a big secret to you guys? I think not. If you haven’t heard about all the social media “gossip” this week, then this post might seem a little, odd. I guess you could click here to catch up on it all though. It’s all a little dramatic and has ever so slightly wound me up – hence this post. I won’t be covering what’s actually happened, because I’m not sure how I feel about it all, but I do know that this evening it has made me a bit bloody fed up and that’s not okay.

I have blogged for 5+ years now and I value every follower as an individual. Those that have chose to invest their precious time in me, every like, every comment you guys leave me makes me smile. When I first started the Tiny Twisst world, my goal wasn’t to be ‘famous’ and gain millions of views, it was simply to just write and make videos about what I love. For example, there’s almost 60,000 of you guys following my YouTube and this inspires me to do better, make better videos, inspire you. It doesn’t make me sad, it doesn’t put me under pressure and it doesn’t make me want to quit the internet. I am now lucky enough to do this as a job, again something that I never thought would happen, and it’s great. I get to spend time on my content, hence the new blog design (and new photos which you guys are going to love!) I get to work with brands on a one-to-one basis, I get to chat to you guys.. the list goes on. The message that’s been portrayed by said blogger and various journalists covering the topic is that social media is miserable, it’s fake, it’s not ‘real life’ and getting paid for ‘work’ is wrong (erm, how!?) Since when was one persons opinion the truth? I’m actually pretty happy in my little internet space, thanks.

Come on, we’re not stupid are we?

I think we are used to this modern day world enough to know that photos get airbrushed, magazines and advertisements enhance the truth. Instagram filters make you look more tanned sometimes and god bless the brightness setting for making me look more alive. If you can take one selfie and look amazing in it, well done to you.. but you’re a rare one. Let me tell you, I have worked on various Fashion shoots in the past and never have I witnessed the photographer taking just one photo, even of a stunning and trained model – so how the hell are we going to manage it and why would anyone think differently?! We put makeup on our faces to look better, do our hair nice to look better, go shopping for new clothes to look better – what makes that any different to instagram?

I guess what I’m trying to say here is don’t get sucked in by it. Sure enough some people on instagram seem to have the perfect life but we all know that everyone has their sad days and their struggles. Glossing over the surface of social media makes it seem all a little sad, but it’s actually a game changer – you just have to be open enough to see through it, and live beyond it. But, if it does make you sad, of course your opinion will be much different and I get that. Take a break, come back with fresh eyes and if it’s still not working, quit by all means. Not everyone is the same, that’s why some people choose to move away and live in Australia.. and then thats why I am here in cold, rainy England (I have just read this sentence back, and it made me cry a little…) I was lucky enough to live a childhood without social media and experienced what that was like – many don’t. And whilst it can be seen as a negative aspect of life now – it’s also a pretty damn good one too. I was a mere shy teenager when I started this blog, afraid to go out incase I had to talk to people and now? Next week I’m flying to America to work on a shoot and talking to people doesn’t even phase me. What’s so bad about that?

So, all in all, just because one girl doesn’t like how social media makes her feel, don’t assume that is the same for us all. I love social media, I love the online world, this blog, and of course you guys. But I do also like my actual real life, life and I can switch between the two pretty easily. I only post what is real to me, what I believe in, what I like and I think this goes for most. Don’t get sucked in, it’s not all bad.

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Good for you for not being afraid to say what you think! It’s ridiculous for critics to tar all instagrammers/bloggers with the same brush and assume they are living ‘fake’ online lives. Great post, it’s so refreshingly honest! x


I’ve been pretty wound up about it too, I agree with everything you’ve said! It’s about the individual: if you can’t be ‘genuine’ online, then that’s your fault, it doesn’t have to be the rest of the world’s problem.

Emma | ohflowerchild.blogspot.com

yes yes yes ! so much love for this. xxx

YES Thank you dear <3 I've been incredibly frustrated with this as well, and haven't spoken out, but this post, as well as Savannah Brown's video on the subject, have captured my sentiments exactly. It's so frustrating that one person's unhealthy relationship with social media is being used to generalize an entire community, even if the intentions were pure.

Much love xx


I bloody love this post!!!! It says everything Ive been thinking! What a load of bollocks tbh….
Anyway.. you look fab 🙂 xx

This was so inspiring and I know it’s not fake but a little exaggerated at most. I know the behind the scenes and everything in this is true. Also I love your hair in these and I’m guilty of editing my pictures when they are dark or need some kind of filter and don’t think any one should be judged by that.

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

Agree with every word you have said in this post! Everyone is bound to have different opinions on social media but I think it all comes down to how and why you use it, I think she used it for all the wrong reasons hence why she has such a poor opinion of it. I mean I don’t have a massive following but I use it to share things I love and discover new things and meet new people that you may not get to in “real life” not just to gain a following. There is way too much drama surrounding this than is necessary really and I find it really ironic how she’s thankful that that video and her message about the evils of social media has gone global, and how did that go global?! Yep that’s right… by the power of social media… not so bad now is it?! Sorry, if you can tell it has wound me up a little too, ha ha 🙂 xx

PS. You look gorgeous in these pictures!


Literally, your words speak so much truth – so much drama!