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I get to do some crazy things in my little blog bubble, and this was one of those ‘things’! Live vlogging in a busy shopping centre? Sure.. why not?!

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So this weekend I “nipped” to Manchester (I say nipped, by this I mean a 3 hour journey including 3 trains!) and went along to live vlog at the Manchester Arndale shopping centre. I was invited along to make a video showing you guys my favourite party outfits, available to buy in the centre. Of course I said yes to this – I love making videos, I love clothes and I love SPARKLES! I picked 10 dresses (and a few skirts thrown in) and featured them in the video – even trying them on (which meant walking around the shopping centre in party dresses, gaining many weird looks & quite a chill) Oh and a little side note – I filmed in my new favourite dress from Free People, I just love how boho this is.. even for Winter! Direct link to this beaut is below.

It was such a fun day out and I loved filming in such a busy and active environment. I’m so used to filming at home on my own so it was definitely an experience, to say the least! If you fancy watching the video you can find it over on my YouTube channel, or below! Let me know what you think. Oh and thank you to Chris, who travelled with me, waited around for me and then took these photos for me (and you!) What a guy 😉

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Was going to ask where the cute embroidered dress was from until I saw your mention. Heading to Free People right now!! Love their stuff. Looks like you had a lot of fun and a great opportunity! x


Wow amazing and love the dresses. Bet this was exciting, I would have been full of nerves haha!

Hannah | Oh January