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It’s getting cold.. but my feet are warm.

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Well it’s cold, isn’t it?!

I’m not going to lie and say that I can brave the cold anymore, I probably used to back in the day of being young and naive (crop tops in Winter, what on earth?!) but to be honest, I just don’t like being cold. It makes me sad, and probably ill. I’m sure in a previous life I was a parrot on a tropical island, but that’s a whole other story. Anyway, I recently received these Ugg Boots and they have definitely been keeping my toes arm. I love how classic Ugg boots are – easy to wear, practical and definitely a comfortable outfit alternative. The whole boot range from Ugg is available to view here, and I love how many designs and colours are available! I think next a grey pair is on the agenda. Also, I wore mine rolled down a little here as I just liked a little bit’o fur, but as you can see, you can wear them the normal way too!

So, outfit wise I paired it with this trusty faux-suede jacket, which is another wardrobe staple. I love the look this creates, slightly retro vintage and very cool (if I do say so myself!) There are loads of these jackets on the high-street at the moment and they are just brilliant for a throw on piece. If I’m going out in the evening and want something a little lighter, then this is the one I go for. Also it’s incredibly light, so if you’re a bit of a jet-setter it will fit perfectly in that little case of yours. See? I think of everything!

Lastly, I wore it with this little nifty playsuit, which isn’t too warm in itself, hence why the Ugg’s are needed! I just love this deep green tone and think it works perfectly with tan additions. I don’t wear enough greens and browns, so this outfit is a new one for me, but one I can see myself going back to over and over again! A spot of red lippy and the outfit is finished. What do you guys think?!

I’m wearing – Jacket | Playsuit | Boots

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Nice and lovely clothing i seen ever. I really love it…..
It is also an informational blog for me.
Thanks for giving us that blog.

New reader here! You look amazing! I love that instead of bashing Uggs, you’ve found a way to dress them up. I really do think Uggs are fantastic and they’re worth the investment! I actually still wear my very first pair that I’ve purchased over 6 years ago and will probably wear them until they’re literally falling apart lol. Anyway, great post!


How were you not freezing in these shorts? 😀
Love the outfit though!

Skin coloured tights are the way forward! Haha, but yeah.. it was a little cold, not going to lie! 🙂 xxx

You look so fab! I love your jacket <3

Lauren Rose

you look amazing, love the jacket!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

really love the playsuit, you look great!

Love these shots and those boots look so cosy!

Hannah | Oh January