Oh Autumn, how you inspire me with dashes of khaki, blushes of berry and a dollop of black..

So if we have to enjoy one thing about cold ol’ Autumn, it would have to be a new wardrobe. New seasons always keep me inspired (for a little while..) and I end up browsing the internet for new wardrobe staples and pieces that will not only keep me warm, but look really nice too. I have recently partnered with Lyst to bring you this post full of Autumn inspiration, and of course a rather fancy way to ‘lyst’ it all down.

We are a nation of list makers, lists for jobs, for shopping and well.. for clothes. I hopped on over to the Lyst website recently and made some fancy Autumnal fashion lysts, full of clothes that inspired me – which I even broke down into colour co-ordination (yeah, really) A WHOLE berry toned list happened, and you can see them all here. This website is my favourite way of keeping on top of trends, finding items I love to then later go back and purchase and there are literally thousands of items on the site to choose from (and the brand list is never ending!) Definitely worth taking a look if you’re a modern day list lover like myself.

You may notice quite a few pairs of Ghillie shoes in my Lysts also. I was actually reading about this style of shoe recently and was amazed to find out that it has actually been around for more than five centuries. Starting its life in 1600 as the Brogue, in Scotland and Ireland they were actually wore to walk the peg bots, as the holes allowed the water to escape. Now though, it’s purely for fashion, obviously. In 1950’s the Ghillie moved onto a designer home, and became more of a fashion piece, which is very good for us. Last season saw an array of different lace-up flats, which I loved and can’t wait to rock some A/W inspired ones too, the ones above being my all time favourite!

If you guys have fun making some Lysts, make sure you pop the link in the comments below, I love looking at other peoples fashion inspiration and it’s even better in lyst form!


Absolutely head over heels in love with the black top <3
She Will Be

wow i love all of those pieces! so cute for the fall

lyst seems like a cool idea! x

I have never heard of Lyst before, I will have to have a look

Lauren x |