As you might know, recently I went on holiday to Norway so when Expedia asked to team up with me on a post about hand luggage, it’s obviously something that’s very fresh in my mind! I dislike packing, I’m not going to lie… I miss the days when my parents would pack for me (yeah, I hate it that much..) and I find the whole process pretty stressful. The top two factors of my stress are usually what to take and will it be overweight?! So, luckily if you’re the same as me, this post might help you out! Firstly in regards to the weight of your hand luggage, Expedia have put together this handy weight guide – simply find your flight company and you should be set. I usually pop mine on my weighing scales to double check, better to be safe than sorry, I guess!

Next up is what to pack in your hand luggage. Now, I like to travel fairly light and shove all my heavy items in my case. But on some occasions I know this isn’t always possible! Here we have my must have hand luggage items which I usually pop in my rucksack – it makes duty-free shopping a lot easier!

The Essentials

Obviously, your passport should be in your hand luggage (as well as any tickets, boarding passes and so on!) this is the one main item you do not want to be forgetting. I also have a little snazzy case with Tiny Twisst printed on it, you know.. just for fun! Then we have a handy pack of tissues, in Minnie Mouse form, travel plugs (you can’t use your hairdryer without them!) travel money and a couple of hair ties. My hair always goes incredibly static on flights, so I make sure I have a few of these laying around! A little perfume which is under 100ml, so perfect for hand luggage and when you need a little freshen up. Lastly, I have lip balm (this one is rose scented and so lovely!) and my kindle! This thing is a life saver and protects me from any sort of flight-boredom!

The Face

Obviously, travelling isn’t the most glamorous moments of our lives, so that’s where these items might help us out. I pop in any little makeup pieces (again, under 100ml) and use these little nifty bottles to decanter anything that is over the size limit. Be aware that for any liquid items you will need to pop these in a plastic bag, available at the airport, and keep them our your bag through security checks – it’s pretty easy though! I also have a few mini Lee Stafford products in there, a shine spray for dull hair, a hairspray for some volume and a protective spray for when I get off the plane.. incase it’s sunny.. wishful thinking in Norway perhaps!? I’m also loving this Sigma palette, and find that this is so handy for travelling as I don’t need to carry about loads of separate eyeshadows!

The Practicals

So, we might need to get a little boring here.. but we need to be practical. If you’re going somewhere hot, you’ll need sunnies too… but also a hat, SPF  and so on. However, in Norway it’s not so warm.. and this is where the thermals come in to play! I love these items from Heat Holders and the socks are seriously toasty, perfect for colder countries. I also take my Adidas Neo trainers because of how comfy they are – perfect for walking holidays, or for the flight itself!

The Fun Stuff

I couldn’t leave it on a boring tone.. so here’s the little fun pieces. If like me, you blog, you’ll know that even on holiday you never want to waste a photo opportunity, and that is why I always pack a dress/blog outfit in my hand luggage. It’s quick and easy access, and usually it wont actually fit in my case.. I also love fake nails and these are perfect to pop on for a night out, you could even apply them on the flight – just double check that no one minds you using the glue! Lastly, we have a fancy Michael Kors purse (which I just love) which we obviously want to keep handy, for looking at.. and shopping with. A little Soap & Glory Scent will keep us fresh and this Rodial Lippy is brilliant, not only is it a pretty shade of a pink but it’s super moisturising!

So guys if you’re planning a holiday soon, I hope this was some help! Let me know in the comments if you have a certain way of packing, or specific items you have to make sure you have in your hand luggage! Happy holidays!

*This post is in collaboration with Expedia, all views my own of course!


Loving the elegant touch nails you’ve added for a splash of glam, I recently reviewed them over on http://www.ceannnnn.blogspot.com

Ceann x

This was totally helpful with me going on a trip soon. Totally going to have to make a list of the essentials.

Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

I’ve never had to pack for a major trip before—but over the summer I’m going to Italy and I need all the tips I can get because it’s my first time ever traveling without my family or for that matter traveling in general! I’ll keep all these tips in mind, love <3
She Will Be

This is such a helpful well written post! I loved all the photos as well! I will bookmark this ready for when I fly!

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