Grey Love

There is something about big, empty rooms filled with light from high windows that just gets me every time. Pop a wooden floor in there and I’m a goner. The life-long dream would be to one day own a house that I can build a room like this in, obviously just for my blog photos and office to be located in – dreaming big, perhaps? Anyway, I picked up this lace top in Zara recently and knew it deserved a spot on the blog…

A few weeks ago I visited a lovely little studio in East London to shoot a video with Megs. Of course, being bloggers we also shot some blog photos in the time we had left over and this is the result – so thanks Megs for taking these photos! We had a little shopping trip and I picked up this amazing top – which as you can probably tell, is right up my street. I love wearing grey and it has become a little bit of an obsession to buy as many grey pieces as possible. Not only does it seem to suit my skin tone, it literally goes with anything (blacks, blues, browns, pinks and so on..) This little number also has the cute girly vibe that I like to mix into my wardrobe, and I’m super excited to rock with up with some chunky heels and a leather jacket! I did however, only take one pair of shoes with me on this little trip so do excuse the bare feet…

I am back and feeling very blue after my wonderful holiday to Norway. It is such a beautiful country, scenery on every corner and filled with such lovely, calming people – it has definitely left it’s mark on me and I’d love to visit again sometime! I have so many photos to share with you guys which is pretty exciting. I have a few outfit posts ready to go, but would you guys like to see some City Guide type posts too?!

I’m wearing: Top | Jeans | Lips | No shoes!


These photos are just gorgeous and I totally agree that my future house has to have a room just like this haha!

Bethany | Curly and Wordy

These photos turned out so dreamy! Love it <3
She Will Be

Big empty rooms with giant windows – dream house alert! You look gorgeous as always lovely xx

Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

Beautiful top, what a great spot! And I’m all about the city guides 🙂

Beautiful pictures, I’d love a space to take pictures like this too. The lighting is perfect.

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