Oh Music, you little diamond, you. So, as I’m sure you’ll all agree, music is a huge part of life. If you’re feeling happy, you pop on your favourite soundtrack and the same goes when you’re feeling blue. Personally, I have quite a mixed taste in music. I love acoustic sets, sometimes I prefer something a little heavier and every now and then I’ll pop on something super old, Motown being my favourite..

For years now I have simply listened to music played from my computer. I have never invested in anything ‘speaker like’ and then, well this little beauty popped through my door – like an angel to the light (what Laura?!) So, this nifty thing is the new MusicFLOW NP5550B by LG and it’s a bluetooth speaker, making it extremely easy to play music from your mobile device! Usually I stay well away from technology, but this thing is actually so easy to set up – it takes about 1 minute, if that! All you need to do is download the app, open Spotify and hey-presto, you’re ready to get jiggy with it! The sound is brilliant quality and I even got my music-savvy boyfriend, Chris, to check – he approves. Currently I have mine sitting on top of my fridge because I actually really love listening to music in the kitchen when I’m cooking. But, because it’s so lightweight and wireless (you simply charge it up every now and then, meaning no wires needed!) you can pop this thing wherever you like. Also perfect for those of you jetting off on holiday, oh the days when I used to listen to music in my hotel room, rather than sleep!

LG are also currently running a competition to meet the wonderful Ed Sheeran in Sydney (yes, really) It’s super easy to enter and all you have to do is watch a quick video, answer a simple question and fill in your details – make sure you have your passport ready by the 10th November, which is when the competition ends. To find out more and to enter, click here!

And lastly, to get you going I’ve created my own Spotify playlist, which of course starts with my favourite Ed Sheeran song! Check that out here, and make sure you follow – maybe I’ll keep it updated with all my favourite cooking songs..!


Sounds like a nifty little gadget! I so want/need one now!

Mary x

Oh wow this looks fantastic. Can definitely see this in my office in the future!

Emma x

This sounds amazing! Just what I need! I would take it in the bathroom when I have a bath! Thanks for sharing!

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